Saturday, November 12, 2011

For Immediate Release


The Zindra Expo group has developed an exciting partnership with the SL sports community GOHA and is happy to announce the Zindra Ravens, who will be playing hockey in the GOHA European league, as a first step in this cross-community relationship.

The Zindra Expo group is an LL-founded organisation that develops, plans and produces marketing efforts to benefit and promote Zindra and by extension, Adult SL. The standard of ZE projects are that they are not tied to individual companies, lifestyles or resident-run groups and are therefore more neutral and inclusive, working for a common good of Second Life's adult mainland. The group has evolved to originate and nurture many exciting projects, many of which are large events (Art Maze, ZEXPO) but also many inter-related programs that help to attract (through inworld and offworld drives) new talent and resources to Adult Second Life.

GOHA is the premier sports community in SL, featuring professionally scripted ice hockey and a vibrant online sporting community. The Global Online Hockey Association has been featured in Showcase, SL6B, SL7B, Winterfest, and televised on TreetTV. Founded in 2006, GOHA's major effort is to provide an opportunity for all online participants, regardless of physical, financial or computer limitations, to achieve their own maximum potential for enjoyment and competition in the virtual online game, provide social opportunities, and maintain an enjoyable online hockey community.

According to GOHA founder Jack Belvedere, "SL's longest running team sports league, is extremely pleased to develop a partnership, all in the name of good fun, with the Zindra Community! We look forward to getting to know each other during fun events at our place and yours! "

The Zindra Ravens are part of GOHA's European league. Captain Allan Gudkov: "Ravens are a hard working group who have fun playing the game while trying our best too win".

"Zindra Expo group", according to continuing officer, Ginette Pinazzo, "continues its outreach work to connect with various communities throughout Second Life, and GOHA continues its mission of teamwork and cooperation to create a more positive resident experience. This is a wondeful match".

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