Sunday, January 29, 2012

Varahi Lusch at Zindra Help Vortex: Improving Your Text Chat: SAT FEB 8: 4AM and 1PM SLT

8th FEB: 4am SLT and 1pm SLT
Zindra Help Vortex
An exploration of what we create in SL with words. Do we really think about what we type, how does our mode of composition affect and highlight the commitment we make to our creative lives in sl. How can we enrich peoples experience of what we do here?

This is the first in a series of exciting and innovative communication workshops led by Varahi Lusch at the Zindra Help Vortex. Better communication can help your business, your community and social life. Varahi makes learning fun with great games and interactive exercises. Never a dull moment!

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Zindra Expo Group: New Direction for 2012: Get Involved and Grow Zindra, Adult SL

2012 is going to be a year of change. This is a special post for all the members of the Zindra Expo group (you know who you are). To date, ZE has made significant changes for the adult mainland and for Adult SL in general. It's been almost a 2 year journey. (read about some of these developments here) The current LL administration is in the process of transferring ownership of its own group to us, the residents of SL.
What does this mean?
The short answer is that it means whatever we want it to mean. In an effort to hear some of the 'group will', I am posting this so you can comment. Tell us what you'd like to see happen with ZE. The choices are wide open, the path can be anything. It really is up to group will. As ZE's 'continuing officer', I will listen carefully to all comments. You can send me comment via Notecards inworld, though posting comments here is best so it's most public. (note: anything resembling trolling or flaming will be removed).
Zindra Expo group can do many things and continue to shape the future of Zindra and Adult SL. Share your thoughts!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

VIDEOS: Streamed Videos from ZEXPO 2011

We have collected all of the videos from the machinima playlist from ZEXPO 2011 and they are all in one place. (so if you missed that show, here they are). We had a diverse mix of music videos, short films, and much more. It was very exciting to see so much machinima in one place! Many thanks to all of the artists who contributed and to AViewTV who did the streaming.

Friday, January 6, 2012

GFAC 2012: Early Registration Form: Second Life Groups For Adult Communities

We have started collecting names for Groups who wish to participate in GFAC 2012: Groups For Adult Communities, the event that features one of Sscond Life's best communication and business tools: Groups!
Here is the basic form that is being sent out this week:


What follows is the same copy as the Early Signup Form Notecard being passed around inworld now. Please send completed Noetcards to Urcilnia Pyrithea asap.


GFAC 2012: Early Signup Form
Groups For Adult Communities

Do you run an SL Group? Thinking of starting a new group? GFAC is for you!
GFAC features one of SL's most important and effective phenomena: Groups.

This convention-style event will run early 2012 and give Groups booth space for displays and stage time for presentations. There will be resources to help Groups and an extra emphasis on New Groups, too.

GFAC will be on Adult land, so age verification will be required to participate and attend. Any groups that may be appreciated by adults will be eligible, including but not limited to, A-rated content. (we are looking for diversity!) Groups designed to appeal to underage residents will not be allowed. Other guidelines may apply.

For full show description:

1. Your Name:
2. Your Group's Name:
3. Short Sentence that describes your Group's main purpose:
4. Attach a full perm version of your Group's logo!

You will be contacted by a screener regarding more details and there may be a more detailed form later.

Even if you haven't started a Group yet, contact us to let us know your intentions about any planned Group. A New Groups Coordinator will contact you with more information.

Presented by Zindra Expo group

Send Completed Notecards to Urcilnia Pyrithea
Backup Contact Ginette Pinazzo

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Joshewa Daniels Joins Zindra Help Vortex Staff: Second Life Adult Sandbox Growing!

Straight from the College of Scripting comes Joshewa Daniels, who joins the Vortex Help Vortex staff today. Josh loves big projects, and certainly has found himself in the midst of one! We look forward to many bright ideas and contributions from Josh!
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