Thursday, December 22, 2011

Photo Gallery Updates from Recent Sexy Sunday Speedbuild Conests and Zindra Help Vortex

Just posted some new photos from recent sessions of the ongoing Sexy Sundays Speedbuild Contest at the Zindra Help Vortex.
Categories were:
Birds and Bees, Whats under My Tree, and What I Want for 2012
Enjoy the Photo Galleries

Friday, December 16, 2011

GFAC: Groups For Adult Communities: Event Proposal In Development for Second Life Adult Groups

Groups can be a powerful and deeply meaningful aspect of the SL experience. While there are many groups that are extensions of stores or sims, many SL groups exist to bring people together with common interest and causes. This convention-style event will feature Adult Groups, the formation of new Adult Groups, and resources that can help Groups.
We are developing a project that really emphasizes Groups in SL. (especially 'adult' groups) and GFAC is it!
Read More about GFAC: Groups for Adult Communities

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Zindra Help Vortex Photo Lab: Practice Your Second Life Photography

Get your cameras ready! We have a fun new Photo Studio available at Zindra help Vortex for anyone who wishes to practice their SL photography skills. Perfect for beginners and anyone interested in portrait photography

The Photo Lab is open to anyone! It is very automated (just pick up the help notecard from the studio) if you like to practice alone. We also will have times available to work with a photo professional, for tips and tricks of SL photography.
Plus you can add photos you take in this studio to a constantly evolving slideshow. Have fun!
Stay tuned for photo classes, special contests and more!
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Thanks to Voodoo Radek for setting up this fun resource!

Friday, December 9, 2011

proposal by Ginette Pinazzo, Voodoo Radek, Hypatia Meili - 12-07-12

A more formal expansion on our pre-existing Speaker Series, we would choose a good regular day and time (FRI nights at 10PM? etc) and each week would feature a new class/workshop or presentation by anyone who wishes to participate.

Any business, group or individual with a good topic idea that will draw attendees can get on the schedule.

Emphasis will be placed on business topics and building topics, though other educational topics may make sense too. Diversity of topics, draw of topics and useful impact of topics will all be considered.

To get good PR benefit for the speaker/teachers, events should be scheduled minimum 2 weeks in advance. The more build-up time, the more PR benefit. PR is really the primary benefit for the speakers/teachers, so we would want to maximize that window.
Multiple timeslots will be encouraged (a morning and night version, for example) to increase accessibility.

1. Educational activities are a big draw
2. These events will provide businesses, groups and individuals with an exciting opportunity to get involved in Vortex, make an impact on the community, and network.
3. Business-friendly attractions for content creators help create an increased business-friendly climate and encourage residents to take a more active part in SL, starting or improving their businesses, investing more heavily in SL
4. Fits Vortex mission of a more complete Help experience.
5. Fits LL mission of retention

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This proposal lives HERE

Thursday, December 8, 2011

FRI DEC 9 at 11AM: Adult Group Show brainstorming meeting

Next Meeting
FRI DEC 9 at 11AM

hosted by the Zindra Expo group, for Adult Estate owners, Zindrans and anyone interested in Adult SL.
Special Brainstorming session about the proposed Adult Group Show event
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Friday, December 2, 2011

Zindra Expo Group Meeting SAT DEC 3 at 11AM: Adults In Second Life Come Together

We are having our next meeting of the Zindra Expo group in SAT DEC 3 at 11AM, with a full agenda of topics (plus bring your own!)
We may brainstorm about the Adult Group show idea, among other things! Zindrans and Adult Estate Owners welcome! (plus anyone who cares about Adult SL)

Meeting LM
Zindra Expo group