Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Adult Content Forum: Getting More Participants


Attracting more participants to the adult forum will increase the possible talent pool for new ideas, the usefulness of the forum as a feedback tool, and the effectiveness of the forum as a communication option for the community.


Initiate a fun question that encourages new participants to join the forum and post their opinion. If the topic is compelling enough, current participants can ask everyone in their groups and friends list to join the forum and contribute.
- Vote for the wildest club in SL
- Best kept secret romantic spot
- Funniest thing you overheard at an SL party

NOTE: due to the informal, inaccurate and probably untrustworthy nature of voting procedures I don't recommend this is done for actual real voting that impacts policy, but rather as a fun vehicle to simply get more people into the forum.

Create a special category just for this purpose: where participants can post submissions of items they write to fit specific criteria. Could be a contest with winners and a deadline or simply a more open process.
- Jokes!
- Limericks!
- Exquisite Corpse style fantasy story

NOTE: because of the forum's nature, content could not actually be A-rated


Participants are encouraged to join the forum and always introduce themselves in the Welcome category by using a form-like structure that is more detailed and asks for fun details, to make the Welcome process more engaging. Almost like a mini-profile or one of those introductions' everyone is forced to give at group meetings for the first time (but fun!). Maybe just some simple questions everyone gets to answer to 'become part of the forum crowd'.
- Your Favourite new Acronym
- What You Are Wearing At This Moment
- Most Bizarre Thing In Your Inventory RIGHT NOW

Note: maybe something whimsical, adult-related but not adult per se
This proposal LIVES HERE

Friday, November 25, 2011

Adult Content Forum: Thread Naming Standard: proposal by Ginette Pinazzo

Forum Thread Naming Standard
proposal by Ginette Pinazzo 11-25-11

As an alternative to a long list of forum categories (and subcategories), a simple thread naming standard can allow the best of both worlds; through the delineation of topic categories within a single flowing stream.


With this scheme, there would only be one category (stream) and each thread subject would be named as starting with an All Caps category.
ARTICLE: Why Adults Love SL
EVENT REVIEW: Nude Skating Party
PROPOSAL: Add Food Car to Zindra Monorail
UPCOMING EVENT: Nude Skydiving Marathon
HELP WANTED: Furry DJ Needed
NEW GROUP: Zindra Reporters Association


A preset list of categories could be devised, as a starter list to set precedent, and users could always create new ones as the forum evolves.


1. Thread types are highlighted and make catching up easier, more convenient
2. One continuous stream prevents threads from becoming lost in subcategories
3. Thread naming may inspire users to generate solid topics and stay on topic
4. All Caps headings allow for at-a-glance tracking of the tone, direction and use of forum

This proposal Lives Here

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Congratulations Zindra Ravens! From Zindra Expo Group

After this week's Zindra Expo Group meeting, we watched the Zindra Ravens play against the Blades and it was very exciting (I myself had never been to a hockey game before so this was new and fun!) It was exciting to see the Ravens win 13 to 5! Hopefully the cheering helped. I'd encourage anyone to come to these games and enjoy them, They are very well done. This was all part of a recent initiative to make ZE meetings more fun and relaxed, and also to celebrate our growing relationship with GOHA.
Here is the actual Game Summary for 11/23
Of special note: there were TWO records set today!
Reginer Ronmark set a new personal record scoring their 100th career goal!!
Lito Menoptra set a new personal record scoring their 500th career goal!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Next Zindra Expo Group Meeting AND Game Day! WED NOV 23 at 11AM

We need to have fun! Life can't be just about meetings!!! To relax a bit and also celebrate our newest community connection (with GOHA), we will have our next Zindra Expo group meeting on WED NOV 23 at 11AM, and followed by a live hockey game as the Zindra Ravens play the Ravenswood Foxes! Let's have a productive and fun meeting, and stay for the excitement (plus someone can tell me how hockey actually works......)
Meeting Details

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Zindra Help Vortex: Photos from Recent Speedbuild Contests: Rainbows and Nightime Fun!

We have added two new photo galleries form the most recent Speedbuild Contests at Zindra Help Vortex. (the Sexy Sundays Speedbuild Contest is always a surprise! A new theme each week!)
Here are the two new galleries:
What Do You Do At Night?
See the galleries here

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Attracting and Retaining Adults in Second Life: Article by Ginette Pinazzo

by Ginette Pinazzo

This is a companion piece to the article: 'MARKETING ADULT SL: Getting Past The Sex' which was presented earlier this year and hopefully has already opened up new avenues of exposure (such as the Destination Guide) to residents of SL who create, seek and promote the Adult side of SL. This piece is partly an elaboration and continuation of that topic.

The oft-stated goals of many SL initiatives are those of resident attraction and retention. Undeniably there are countless ways to work towards these goals, and it helps to define the audience when reaching for their attention.

If one considers 'adults' to only be sex-seeking or sex-starved individuals, one may have chosen a lucrative market though it could be one fraught with serious marketing challenges. If one considers 'adults' to be those identified by their actual age (and presumably maturity level), one has chosen a large very influential market that can comfortably be addressed in mainstream fashion. By opening the definition to include all adults (regardless of hobbies or predilections) the possibilities of marketing are as numerous as they are for any other product or service aimed at the non-children's or non-family market. Limiting to the sexual aspects of adulthood needlessly restricts the audience if a global effort is to be made to attract (and retain) adults.
Note: this does not mean that niche marketing for sexual topics is poor thinking. On the contrary, it is essential and can compliment any wider marketing efforts.

The definition of 'adult' can relate to the likelihood of retention. If all efforts are made to attract sexual-interests only, retention may be limited to those who stay long enough to have urges satisfied. In essence, SL would serve as temporary interest for those who may be passing through or going through a phase. This does not lend itself to more long-term retention. (How long we want people to stay? If the answer is 'many years', is sexual experience enough of a incentive on its own to promote that?)
By contrast, if efforts are made to attract adults for sophisticated, mature, and highly developed interests (which certainly may or may not include sexual content, but can also include Business, Arts, Education, etc), then you can promote something far more lucrative: the retention of Content Creators. (certainly you can attract sexually-themed Content Creators, but we are talking about broader definition of 'adult' now)

We all love shopping. We pass into the mall or browse the marketplace and pick up items. We are consumers. Many are service consumers, who happen to enjoy consuming the services of sexual providers! My argument is that the attraction of consumers is not nearly enough to lead to retention. When I visit the mall, no matter how nice it is, I may never return and I certainly won't want to live in the mall. It is hard to retain a consumer with the level of investment we may want to see occur in SL.

The secret to retention in SL is simple: attract Content Creators. These are the people very likely to open shops, buy land, invest heavily in the virtual world. These are the people who will help grow and develop any aspect of SL, including Adult SL.

The twin concepts stated above have often been blended in the projects proposed and managed by Zindra Expo group. A broader (and more marketable) definition of 'adult' blended with an emphasis on Content Creator attraction. This combination can attract the most (broad definition) and retain the most (deeper investment)
This Article LIVES HERE

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Adult Content Forum: Suggested Category Improvements by Ginette Pinazzo


Suggestion list of categories for the Adult Content Forum.
Reasons for more specific and suggestive categories:…………

1. Forum can be more enjoyable and interesting…………
2. Threads can be more impactful and less 'lost'…………
3. Truly suggestive, and even fun, categories can encourage more involvement and may inspire …………new types of innovative threads…………
4. Diverse and meaningful categories can create highly offworld-searchable effects…………
5. Cleverly designed categories may actually result in new ideas that become reality…………


Note: I can provide arguments for each of these categories if needed. Some will require specific guidelines. They are very specific on purpose and designed to encourage dynamic threads and search results…………

5. HI! MY NAME IS………………
8. PRESS RELEASES (needs very strict guidelines)…………
13. TRAVEL DIARY (post abt a place you visited)…………

- Gina
This Proposal Is Living Here
See AC Forum Here

Saturday, November 12, 2011

For Immediate Release


The Zindra Expo group has developed an exciting partnership with the SL sports community GOHA and is happy to announce the Zindra Ravens, who will be playing hockey in the GOHA European league, as a first step in this cross-community relationship.

The Zindra Expo group is an LL-founded organisation that develops, plans and produces marketing efforts to benefit and promote Zindra and by extension, Adult SL. The standard of ZE projects are that they are not tied to individual companies, lifestyles or resident-run groups and are therefore more neutral and inclusive, working for a common good of Second Life's adult mainland. The group has evolved to originate and nurture many exciting projects, many of which are large events (Art Maze, ZEXPO) but also many inter-related programs that help to attract (through inworld and offworld drives) new talent and resources to Adult Second Life.

GOHA is the premier sports community in SL, featuring professionally scripted ice hockey and a vibrant online sporting community. The Global Online Hockey Association has been featured in Showcase, SL6B, SL7B, Winterfest, and televised on TreetTV. Founded in 2006, GOHA's major effort is to provide an opportunity for all online participants, regardless of physical, financial or computer limitations, to achieve their own maximum potential for enjoyment and competition in the virtual online game, provide social opportunities, and maintain an enjoyable online hockey community.

According to GOHA founder Jack Belvedere, "SL's longest running team sports league, is extremely pleased to develop a partnership, all in the name of good fun, with the Zindra Community! We look forward to getting to know each other during fun events at our place and yours! "

The Zindra Ravens are part of GOHA's European league. Captain Allan Gudkov: "Ravens are a hard working group who have fun playing the game while trying our best too win".

"Zindra Expo group", according to continuing officer, Ginette Pinazzo, "continues its outreach work to connect with various communities throughout Second Life, and GOHA continues its mission of teamwork and cooperation to create a more positive resident experience. This is a wondeful match".

Zindra Expo group
GOHA site
Ravens site

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Zindra Expo Group Meeting SUN NOV 13 at 1PM: Adult Estate Owners, Zindrans, Anyone Who Cares about Adult SL

There is a lot on the agenda! Don't miss this one!
hosted by the Zindra Expo group, to continue the conversation with Adult Estate owners in SL and Zindra residents!
0. Assistant hands out materials
1. Update on Skin Burn 2011
2. Update on Fantasy Forest
3. Update on GOHA
4. Open Floor for Announcements
5. Update re: ZEXPO Island
6. Brainstorming Topic: Reaching out tor Moderate Areas
7. Open Floor
Exact Agenda and more about Zindra Expo group HERE
Teleport to Meeting Area

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fantasy Forest Build Project at Zindra Help Vortex: Adult Estate Owners in a Cooperative Build Event

The Fantasy Forest Build Project is a collaborative (and competitive!) Build Event sponsored by Zindra Help Vortex and the Zindra Expo group, the adult mainland's sandbox, mentor and outreach center, designed to bring together NINE Adult Estate Owners in an unprecedented exercise filled with building challenges, creativity and fun!
The event starts DEC 9 and runs 10 days. Read more!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

SKIN BURN 2011: Check-In Procedure

Just added Check-In details, LMs and FAQS for the upcoming SKIN BURN 2011 event on SAT NOV 12. This is an amazing continuation of BURN2 (Second Life's Burning Man phenomenon) where participants can be NAKED (Art Skins are very popular at this event). For a list of How To Make An Art Skin resources and full check-in information, go to the Zindra Expo group's website here

Friday, November 4, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Next Zindra Expo Group Meeting SAT NOV 5 at 1PM: Adult Estates Welcome

The next Zindra Expo Group Meeting will be SAT NOV 5 at 1PM and we will continue the conversation between Zindra and Adult Estate Owners with a full meeting agenda and also brainstorming time. Meeting also to be announced in Notice and Events listing. Contact Ginette Pinazzo for details inworld

0. Assistant hands out NCs
1. Announcement about SKIN BURN 2011
2. Announcement about our relationship with GOHA
3. Open Call about Connecting w/ Communities
4. 5 minutes Open Floor for Announcements
5. Presentation about the Adult Estate Owners Build Event
6. BRAINSTORMING SESSION: Reaching Out To Moderate
7. Final: Agenda topics system

Join Zindra Expo group today and get involved