Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Congratulations Zindra Ravens! From Zindra Expo Group

After this week's Zindra Expo Group meeting, we watched the Zindra Ravens play against the Blades and it was very exciting (I myself had never been to a hockey game before so this was new and fun!) It was exciting to see the Ravens win 13 to 5! Hopefully the cheering helped. I'd encourage anyone to come to these games and enjoy them, They are very well done. This was all part of a recent initiative to make ZE meetings more fun and relaxed, and also to celebrate our growing relationship with GOHA.
Here is the actual Game Summary for 11/23
Of special note: there were TWO records set today!
Reginer Ronmark set a new personal record scoring their 100th career goal!!
Lito Menoptra set a new personal record scoring their 500th career goal!!

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