Friday, December 28, 2012

SUN 7PM Sexy Sunday NEW YEARS Speed Build Contest

There will be SPECIAL NEW YEARS edition of the Sexy Sunday Speed Build this week, starting early at 7PM SLT.  Don't miss it!  IM Huntress Catteneo for more details

All skill levels are welcome, and this is a great way to meet other builders and people (yes, builders are people too)

Ring in the new year with a fun contest! Sexy Speed Build is the best around!

Read more about Sexy Speed Build here

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Zindra FleshMob Returns! Naked Holidaymakers on Second Life Adult Mainland: presented by Zindra Expo group

Saturday Dec 22, 2012, the infamous Zindra Fleshmob Project returns at a new secret location!

At exactly 3PM SLT, a group of mysterious, naked residents will descend upon an unsuspecting rgion of the Zindra, the adult mainland of Second Life.

To find out exactly WHERE, go to the Zindra FleshMob Project page here

And/or join the Zindra Expo Group to get the latest updates.

Excat location will be announced at the very lst get ready!

Get naked just in time for the holidays!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Opposites Attract! Photos From Recent Sexy Speed Build Contest at Zindra Help Vortex in Second Life

A recent edition of the weekly Sexy Speed Build Contest event had the theme 'Opposites Attract' and we had some crazy entries!

See the Photos Here

Every week this contest has a surprise theme, and is hosted by Second Life artist Huntress Catteneo. Photos by Nicci Winsmore.

Learn more about the Zindra Help Vortex and this great weekly contest!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Exploring Zindra Flickr Pool: Over 70 Members! Adult Second Life Never Looked So Good!

We've been running the  Exploring Zindra Flickr group for a while, and we are pleased to say there are over 70 photographers contributing to the ever-evolving slideshow.

Blondin Linden (remember him?) began the Flickr program a long time ago, in partnership w/ Second Life residents and there have been many great submissions since.

The photos in the pool are constantly streaming into Second Life inworld slideshow kiosks (image at left shows one of the new media-on-prim kiosks)

Free copies of the kiosks are available in multiple locations, such as Zindra Help Vortex, the Zindra Expo Group Community Center and Pod Hub, and the new Exploring Zindra Photo Gallery.

Want to get involved? Are you a Zindran photographer? Do you want to take artistic photos on the adult mainland, or do you live/work on the adult mainland of Zindra? Check out the Exploring Zindra Flickr group!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

101 Things You Can Do With a Single Set of Prims: Sexy Speed Build Contest At Zindra Help Vortex

What are 101 Things You Can Do With a Single Set of Prims? Find out with this fun series of photos (taken by SL photographer Nicci Winsmore...thanks, Nicci!) from a recent Speed Build Contest where that was the theme.

Check out the photos here!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lighting The Fire at Zindra Help Vortex: Photos from recent Sexy Speed Build Contest

We've posted some images from a recent edition of the ever-popular Sexy Sunday Speed Build Contest, the event that takes place every Sunday at 8PM SLT in the virtual workd of Second Life.

Each week is a surprise theme and this was 'Lighting The Fire'

Some very interesting entries!

The contest is always open to all skill levels, and its a great way to meet people and learn some building tips and tricks!

See the Photos

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ginette Pinazzo Interviews Nalates Urriah About Second LIfe, Adult SL, Blogging, Virtual Worlds and More

Ginette Pinazzo Interviews Nalates Urriah About Second LIfe, Adult SL, Blogging, Virtual Worlds and More......

Gina - 
Tell us about your SL 'Career Path' so far! Accomplishments, defining moments, turning points, etc

Nalates -
My first MMOG was Myst Online:Uru Live (MOUL). When MOUL closed in 2008 a portion of the community came to Second Life™ (SL). There was already a community of MOUL people in SL. I hooked up with them and eventually found the Exporers’ Community Research and Development (ECR&D) group then run by Thend Destiny. For a time I facilitated the group. Its purpose was to explore the creative limits of SL.

Most of my first two years in SL was spent exploring and learning how to build. During that time I remained active in both the MOUL and SL communities. Toward the end of that time I was starting to blog. My blogging has grown over the last couple of years and is now a significant part of the time I spend with SL.

Sometime in my first year I opened a few shops in-world. Later I changed over to XStreetSL and now the Market Place. The sales pay my rent and a little more.

For a time I experimented with role play in a region named Devokan, which came from the MOUL game’s story. I was mixing PG-RP from MOUL with Adult-RP from NoR. The overall experiment for the Devokan group was in learning how to combine and handle role play from numerous virtual worlds. Both the ECR&D and Devokan were experimenting in how to keep people interested in a game and carry the story forward. How does a new player catch up and what would make them want to? I’m not sure we a simple answer yet.

As the economy collapse worsened the Devokan region was moved to OpenSim on OSGrid. I got curious and set up a server that hosts 9 of my own regions in OSGrid. OSGrid’s early adoption of mesh was enticing. I’m building a mesh castle there. I still use OSGrid as my ‘preview grid’ for mesh buildings and objects. I only have the regions online when I’m working there.
As the Mesh Deformer project has moved forward I’ve been more interested in making mesh clothes. More of my SL time is spent in Blender making models and weight painting.

Exploring and meeting people has always been a favorite part of my time in SL. Flirting is a favorite past time.

Gina - 
What are a few of the lessons you think residents often learn from being in Second Life a number of years?

Nalates -
I think we can learn about the types of human behavior. They become more obvious in SL. Also, the nature of business and how it works becomes obvious. Social evolvement in SL is like RL on steroids. My belief is people can learn a lot about human nature and behavior while in SL. I’ve certainly increased my collection of lame pickup lines.

One can experiment with gender, preference, and race. Diversity and tolerance are not strongly adopted values in SL. So, people have an opportunity to learn about human nature and if they are self aware, their own nature.

Gina - 
What are some trends you think we are seeing in SL right now, just beginning to develop?

Nalates -
People are spending more ‘SL time’ outside of SL. I think that trend will continue. The peak concurrent logins (63k) continues to decline. I’m unsure of minimum number of concurrent logins because system crashes each month throws off the numbers. But, the minimum login for the day (31k) seems to be very slowly declining.

The number of new people to long-timers seems to be changing. That may be a perceptual thing on my part and the paces I visit. But, I run into more new people.

Viewer development has changed since I started in 2008. There are more viewers being developed but fewer new features and new features seem to be taking longer to get out.
Mesh is being adopted in more places. A materials system is in development, which will let us place 3D textures on surfaces and mesh clothes.

The Lab’s open communication with users is an odd mix better and worse. The new generation of Lindens seems to mostly avoid user groups… and users in general.

Gina - 
What are some trends you would like to see begin/develop in the years to come?

Nalates -
The Lab is spending some time trying to figure out how to improve player retention. I would like to see more effort going into player retention. The Lab would need a good psychologist familiar with computer games and the studies that have been done. Player retention is somewhat the holy grail of game development.

Gina -
How do you see the SL target demographics, past and present? (if you could guess)...and how would that compare with your own sense of how it could/should be?

Nalates -
I don’t think I can give you any idea of what the SL demographics are or should be…  MOUL was a community of older people and parents playing Myst with their children (it is a non-violent game). SL seems to be a mix of a much broader age group and more diverse interests.

Gina - 
If you could 'bend the ear' of LL decision-makers and shout 3 top concerns/proposals to them, what would those 3 be?

Nalates -
My first would be about communications. In some departments/groups the Lindens do very well communicating with users. In others they are horrible. However, this is not a one way street. The SL users share responsibility too.

Communication is not a skill everyone has. Technical professionals in fields dealing with people tend to learn communications skills, think healthcare. The professionals that deal with ‘things’ don’t develop the skills, it isn’t required. Computer programmers and civil engineers are in this latter group. Some have a natural ability. Others need training and education to understand how to facilitate groups and confrontational situations. How well they do, affects the company image.

My second would be the ‘Money Issues.’ I mean the Market Place and Rights Protection. I am not sure how the Lab goes about deciding on philosophy… these are messy issues. But, money is what all this is about (think of money as a measure of blood and sweat – effort put in).  Failing to handle them and lead with a clear stated philosophy guiding employees and users has been a disaster. The idea that search is to be ‘fair’ is socially and technically naive. At best it can be honest and unbiased.
The Market Place is horribly broken (from a merchant’s viewpoint) and no one has any idea what or how much is being done to fix it. Even worse no one knows if there is even a Linden that knows what to do.

Because the Market Place affects people’s income, pocketbook, it is an emotionally intense subject. Ignoring it seems to have aggravated the situation, which goes back to communication.
My third point would be about handling the user community. The Lab has many levels of users and the Lab must deal with all of them. Understanding there are segments of the user base with unique traits and dealing with them in unique ways is important.

Trying to be ‘fair’ and treat everyone the same doesn’t work. That is an idea of bureaucratic government offices to minimize their work load. Private businesses use live customer service people that can adapt to whatever situation is presented. Those people are provided flexible but limited authority and trained to provide unique responses to each individual.

While the Lab has limited resources, they only need to cater to a few categories of users; new users, long term users, adult users, educators, region owners, and creative types. The creative types I see primarily as artists and artist-merchants. But, the artist-merchants are an intense group and should likely have special handling.

They don’t have to have one person for each group of users. But, they do need to have someone that can be aware of the groups and their needs and desires.

There is simply no reason to treat everyone the same. I encourage the Lab to give up that idea. We see it working in the Changed JIRA. People that help the Lab’s technical people get special treatment. Because of the help I provide the community I was granted ‘read’ privileges in the JIRA. I have no doubt they that would be removed if I abused the privilege. Those that are abusive get special treatment too. That difference in response is practical human response.

It is smart to bias the treatment of customers according to the benefit they provide the Lab. It’s a business. I am not at all sure all of the Lab’s staff is aware of that.

Gina - 
What part do you see 'Adult SL' playing in SL and virtual worlds in general?

Nalates - 
And then there is SEX. Sex sells better than anything else. Sex sells everything. But, the Lab has yet to figure out how to sell a sexy Second Life. If one creates a sexy fun thing to do, people are there.
There is a significant difference between selling sex and selling sexy. The Lab doesn’t want to sell sex and I think I understand that. But, selling SL as sexy, or any virtual world, is something I think will promote SL better than anything else… marketing data on that point hasn’t changed since people realized what was happening.

One does have to consider what people think is sexy. For horny people it is sexy people. For a merchant it can be a hot way to sell their service or product. For an artist it can be a glamorous venue for an art show. For some it is an adult environment where they can be free to experiment with their sexuality.

For many sexy is cheap, easy learning. Look at the number of DAZ and Makehuman like products on the market. There is no more fun or easy way to learn 3D modeling than SL. The Lab does little to sell that idea, which may be a good thing as it leaves the field open for users.
Sex and sexy possibilities are endless.

Gina - 
How would you characterize the history of LL's handling of 'Adult SL' to date?

Nalates - 
I’ve only paid attention to the Adult Community for the last couple of years. I was hanging out on nude beaches, flirting, working as a dancer, and figuring out how sex worked in SL shortly after I came to Second Life. I was surprised to find friends of mine from MOUL working as escorts. Wow! Now that is a transition from a PG game. A whole new aspect of many came out in SL. Some had surprising preferences.

Whatever, in 2011 I started to look into what the Adult Content User Group (ACUG) was doing. I got there shortly after Viale Linden took over to ‘facilitate’ the group. I recognized that something was wrong. Vaile did everything wrong that could be done wrong. Whether that was due to his thinking or instructions he had been given, I doubt we will ever know. Whatever the case, his name is forever tagged to the demise of ACUG.

I think the best description of the Lab’s attitude toward the adult side of SL is: eeeewww!

Gina - 
How do you (ideally) define 'Adult SL' ?

Nalates - 
Simple: it is the same as real life, anything ‘adult’ that is for those past puberty. It’s more of a maturity than sexual thing. In RL we tend to think of ‘adult’ as sexually oriented. I think the label in SL has caused problems by providing a connotation that Adult Content must be sexual. Things would probably have going better for the Lab if they had not designated part of SL as Adult. If they had reversed it and only designated part of SL for kids and left SL as adult by default, like life, there would probably have been fewer problems… or not.

If they had designated things as we do in RL things might have created a different perception of SL. If they had used; ‘kid safe’ for the teen grid, ‘teen’ in place of PG, ‘PG’ in place of mature and ‘mature’ in place of adult then things might have worked better.  We’ll never know.

Our sports are designated for kids and adults and that is not sexual. Our entertainment is designated for kids and adults. That is a combination of violence and sexuality. Those distinctions are less sexual than they are about maturity and the ability to comprehend.
So, ideally… everything is ‘Adult SL’ that is not for kids.

Gina - 
How do you see your own contributions to SL and what do you envision as some of your future contributions?

Nalates - 
For now my main contribution is knowledge and information. Mostly about what is going on in SL’s technical advancement.

Things like my Troubleshoot Your #SL Connection article and  Second Life Mesh Clothes Blender 2.6 Setup 2012 Tutorial article are contributions to the ‘knowledge’ about SL. I am working on another tutorial for those making mesh clothes. I’ve run into a problem that no one seems to have a solution for, even in the retail tools. I am working my way to a free solution.

My mostly daily blog posts at Nalates Things & Stuff help keep people informed.

As to the future, I don’t know. Information is important. I find that people with good information make good decisions. Of course there are idiots that no matter how much information they are given they will make dumb decisions.

People that lack information seem to lack understanding and that seems to make them intolerant. The more ignorant they are then the more they tend to be rude, intolerant, and close minded. Of course some are just intolerant, bigoted, and too self centered to be bothered with facts and information. They can’t be helped. I see this most profusely in the political arena and the bad traits are not exclusive to any one party. SL has its share of these people too. In SL I divide people into civil or hater.

I think virtual worlds and 3D everything are where technology is going. I don’t know that SL’s future is secure. I do know that I will be working in 3D for the foreseeable future. I plan to be selling more clothes or clothes building kits in the future.

Thanks to Nalates for the time and patience in this interview! - Gina

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To The Vortex: Photos from Speed Build

We've posted a new gallery of photos from a  recent Sexy Sunday Speed Build Contes. (we have them every week at the Zindra Help Vortex)

This theme was: 'A Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To The Vortex'

This session included some very funny builds!

Please join the's open to any skill level....even newbie builders!

Check out the gallery of photos now

Monday, October 29, 2012

Photos from Zindra Fleshmob Project by Silene Christen on Life Art

Silene Christen, the genius behind the current Zindra Fleshmob Project has created some amazing photos based on the phenomenon.

This series of images will form the basis for an upcoming art exhibit.

See the photos on Life Art now!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Zindra Help Vortex Sexy Sunday Speed Build Photos: Daisy

We've posted a photo gallery from a recent Sexy Speed Build Contest. This week's theme was 'Daisy'

Every week we have a new surprise theme and a lot of great entries. Contestants are given exactly one hour to create something.

The Sexy Sunday Speed Build is open to residents with any skill level, and we love sharing tips with newbies, so come and participate!

See the Gallery here

TP to Zindra Help Vortex

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

Snapshot Zindra: 10-18-2012: an overview of Second Life's Adult Mainland

Take a look at this photo of the adult mainland, Zindra! See the green dots.

Thanks to Silvanus Northman for continuing to provide great research about Zindra.

Perhaps LL will take real notice, interest and resume a more sophisticated approach to the ever-evolving adult SL phenomenon.And yes, it starts with Zindra!

If you like these snapshots, perhaps there will be more to come.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Zindra Fleshmob Project: Baring It All For The Adult Mainland in Second Life

Take part in an all new happening!

What is Fleshmob Project?
Part art installation......
Part publicity for Zindra.......
Part photography exhibit......
All wild fun!

Go to the Zindra Fleshmob page and watch out for surprise dates,  times and places!

TIP: the exact locations will never be posted early....they are revealed JUST BEFORE the actual time of the event.
So look at the dates, mark your calendar and get ready for the surprise location!

This project is also done in conjunction w/  artists Martazul Zemlja, emilio Charisma and with live video streaming services by ZindraTV

To get ALL the details and stay up to date: Join the  SL group  called: Zindra Expo

Contact Ginette Pinazzo or Silene Christen

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ginette Pinazzo Interviews Xenon Gynoid: Innovator, Artist and Creator in Second Life

Xenon Gynoid has been an SL Innovator for years, working on groundbreaking artistic projects and multimedia, interactive concepts that challenge the expectations of the virtual world. Recently, I caught up with Xenon to discuss her new Naked Explorer project, (which promises to be a very exciting for Zindra!), her other works, and her feelings about adult SL and the mainland. - Gina

Gina: Tell me about the plan, the mission, the vision for your Naked Explorer project!

Xenon: I always wanted to explore the mainlands, since i first left Help Island, more than five years ago. To forgo teleports and get a feel for the geography of this virtual place we all live in: walk, fly, swim, or use vehicles of all kinds. The main reason why I never did it was that social life always kept me quite busy! Some months ago a year-long relationship I had broke up, and I realized it was a good time to recover that almost-forgotten project and bring it to life. I had been leading a very 'kinky' life, mostly in the D/s lifestyle, so exploring the adult continent, naked and willing to "get in trouble", felt like a very good way to start my travels. It also gave me the chance of experimenting new things I have always been interested in!

Gina: What are some developments you'd like to see Naked Explorer undergo going in the future?

Xenon: The project has changed in the last month. My SLife has changed a lot during this month, which of course feels like half a year! Right now I'm not in the mood to "get in trouble" for a while, focusing in a more mature —more adult!— relationship right now, but the eagerness to explore and travel is the same. My plan is still to explore fully each of the 347 regions that make up the continent. To map each of them, investigate each parcel, find cool places, sail the seas and rivers, and walk or ride on each and every road!

Gina: What are some of your views about Zindra, the adult mainland?

Xenon: I think moving all mainland adult content was a good idea initially, even when the probability of it becoming a sort of "porn ghetto" was high. I wasn't even here when that happened —took a long break from SL—, and now that time has passed the place I am exploring 'feels' like it has matured a lot. It seems most merchants prefer skyboxes or private islands, and the same happens with clubs, dungeons, 'free sex' spots and such. That leaves the land to residents who prefer to build taking in consideration their environment, the context in which they live. You can clearly see this in the riverside builds, for instance. Most of the builds along the river are quite nice, without much advertisement or other eyesores!

Gina: How do you feel Zindra 'fits in' to the world of Adult SL in general?

Xenon: I believe having a full continent, a big mass of virtual land in which people can be 'adults' in the full sense of the word, is a great opportunity for much more than porn and 'kink'. Having a place where art can be expressed without concerns about censorship, for instance, or a place where discussion about subjects of interest to adults can happen, is quite important. And the fact that it is not a dispersed mass of private islands but a place to which one can feel attachment is also very important... i am a 'Zindran'. I feel I belong to the place, even if I'm not interested in lots of things that happen in the continent right now, it is the place I belong to!

Gina: What are some of your views about Adult SL?

Xenon: I feel there is a whole aspect about being adult that is underdeveloped in SL. Sexuality is a big part of business here, but there are lots of other things that could take place in a virtual, adult world, and haven't yet found a proper way. Places like the NooPark, which combines all sorts of art exhibitions with Science Fiction, D/s, pony-play and other sensual themes, are for me a very refreshing way of doing things that could only be done in an adult setting.

Gina: How do you think Zindra and Adult SL can impact SL?

Xenon: Recently I read a blog post about the dangers of SL becoming a new 'WELL', about it losing value as a business and becoming a ghetto for old timers that find it difficult or impossible to accept change. I believe a more tightly connected adult community, which encourages and investigates new fields, new ways to take advantage of the freedom SL gives us to create and try new things... would be amazing!

Gina: What other projects are you working on (or would like to)?

Xenon: Some time ago I worked for years on an artificial creativity project (AI + Music) outside SL. The project has been in stand-by for some time, but the next steps, when i finally start to work on it again, will be purely inside SL: the creation of an artificial 'culture', a tiny civilization of aesthetically independent little beings that would interact with different kinds of stimuli from the outside world and decide if they 'like' them or not!

Another thing I have always wanted to do is to put in order and sell some of my creations. I'm a natural 'hacker', a 'modder':  I end up changing the behavior and looks of almost everything i have! Some day, with time...

Gina: What are some of your previous projects / accomplishments in SL you would like to mention?

Xenon: In June 2007 I organized what probably was one of the first dual experimental music concerts in SL+RL. I was playing in a RL venue (the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires) and streaming into SL, with the visuals from SL working as visuals in the real venue, and both audiences experiencing the concert in a similar way, 'connected'. That was a very interesting path that i didn't explore more, since for personal reasons i left SL —and most of my activities— a short time after that concert.

Gina: What are some ways people can get involved in Naked Explorer?

Xenon: This is mainly a personal project, but I have the intention to invite friends to join me, especially friends who enjoy some of the activities that can be found in Zindra. I'll probably invite the people who follow my adventures to participate in activities I myself have no experience or interest in taking part of... if they don't mind being naked and public!

Gina: If you could tell Linden Lab anything these days, what would it be?

Xenon: The "Moles", also known as the Linden Department of Public Words, are the best idea since SL was born. We want more quality public builds!!!

Visit Naked Explorer

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Photos from 'Need Sleep': Sexy Sunday Speed Build at Zindra Help Vortex

Relax! Sleep tight! We have some cute photos from a  recent Sexy Sunday Speed Build Contest.

The theme was 'Need Sleep'

The Sexy Sunday Speed Build Contest happens every week at the Zindra Help Vortex. A bnew theme each time!

See the Gallery here

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Message From Voodoo Radek About Zindra Help Vortex

Zindra Help Vortex staff member Voodoo radek has written a very interesting piece about the state of the Vortex:

Hi guys

Regarding to the recent movements on the Linden staff managing the adult SL community,
I am one of those who think that this is a good moment to demand their attention concerning the adult community in general, and Vortex sandbox issues in particular. I see these changes as a good point to start over a new relationship between the two parts, and make a common effort to improve the user experience for those interested in adult communities, events, places and activities.. never forgetting that adult topics are not incompatible with others communities and themes, like art and fun (ZEXPO success showed us), and education. Vortex public sandbox is the perfect example of the last. ....Read More

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Proposal: Zindra Help Vortex Group Ownership Options

Here is a simple proposal for LL regarding changes to ownership of the Zindra Vortex group. This SL group is the one the staff uses who manage the Zindra Help Vortex. Recently, group ownership has falen into question, and we have this new proposal in front of LL to suggest options.

We hope a discussion can occur soon with LL and a decision made to begin the process of healing, because the Zindra Help Vortex needs to regain its positive effectiveness and recover from previous mismanagement when costly errors have resulted in a risky environment.

Read the proposal here

Monday, October 1, 2012

How To Get From A to B: Great Speed Build Contest Entries at Zindra Help Vortex

An incredible Sexy Speed Build Contest at the Zindra Help Vortex with some incredible entries. See the Gallery of Photos here.

The theme was 'How To Get From A to B'

The Sexy Sundays Speed Build Contest is every Sunday at 8PM SLT.
Don't Miss it!

Teleport to Zindra Help Vortex

Friday, September 28, 2012

Ride through Zindra: Kalanite Bluestar's custom designed Art Pods arrive on adult mainland

The results of our custom design art pod contest are in and Kalanite Bluestar is the winner!

What are the Art Pods?
Small 2-person 'chariots' that provide a fun sight-filled way to tour the Second Life adult mainland of Zindra. The pods leave from Zindra Expo Group's community meeting center and Pod Hub located in Bronlen.

Recently we had a special contest open to designers to create a custom version of the popular Pods.  Kalanite Bluestar created this Zindra-inspired motif and now you can see the custom cars (and ride them!)

Teleport to the Zindra Pod Hub

Read more about Zindra, the Adult Mainland of Second Life

Join the Zindra Expo group today!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Robots and Boobytraps! Photos from Recent Sexy Speed Build Contests

We've posted 2 new galleries of photos from recent Sexy Sunday Speed Build Contests.

The themes were: Robots and Boobytraps!

See Robots

See Boobytraps

The Sexy Sunday Speed Build Contest runs every Sunday at 8PM SLT, at the Zindra Help Vortex, Second Life's only free mentor and sandbox area on the adult mainland

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

How To Best Demonstrate Love: Second Life Speed Build Competition

A new gallery of photos from a recent Speed Build contest at the Zindra Help Vortex.  The theme was:
How To Best Demonstrate Love!

Note: The Sexy Speed Build Contest happens every Sunday at 8PM SLT and is open to all skill levels! This is THE best place to learn building (and other things!) on the adult mainland of Second Life.

See the Speed Build Photos Now

Read More About Zindra Help Vortex in Second Life Destination Guide

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ginette Pinazzo Interviews Nedria Cyr: Designer of the New Zindra Help Vortex Landing Point

Designer Nedria Cyr recently won the 'Design a New Vortex Landing Point' Contest and has been busy creating the new look for the Zindra Help Vortex LP.  Her innovative 'Oasis' concept is now being finalized and will debut shortly.

In the meantime, Zindra Help Vortex founder Ginette Pinazzo interviews Nedria to find out more about the talented Second Life builder.


Tell us a little bit about your 'career Path' in SL. How did you start, where did it lead, twists and turns, and how did you end up where you are now?

I guess you could say my "career path" in SL has been full of twists and turns. I've been a dancer, a host, a DJ, a manager, a club owner, a public relations/marketing rep, I've modeled for a couple of friends ads, and I've been building since 2006. The thing that has stuck with me through everything else, was the desire to create. My real life family are all creative in one way or another, so I guess you could say the need to express ones self through creative outlets, runs in the blood. I've had my periods where I got burned out on what I was doing at the time, even to the point of having left SL for a few months - but I just keep coming back, like a bad habit. :P  I always wind coming back to the one thing that makes me happiest: creation.  I am a bit of a perfectionist with a slight case of OCD, and an eye for details - so I tend to be my own worst critic. I build for the pleasure of it, and hopefully someone else out there likes what I make enough to toss me a few lindens for it to help pay my rent, and aid me in putting money back into the SL economy, by supporting other creators when I buy resources to use in my creations.

Tell us your feelings about SL's adult mainland (Zindra) and how Zindra may fit in to your worldview of SL

When I first heard about the plans for Zindra, I had mixed feelings about it. I felt like if mainland was labeled "Mature", then it should allow adult content.. after all there was already "Rated G" areas that those who don't want to see it, could stick to those. The club I had from 2007-2009 was known for guests and staff being in various stages of undress at any given time. We didn't have strippers or anything like that, we just enjoyed being a clothing optional club. When talk of Zindra came about, I worried that if I had to move the club to Zindra that I wouldn't ever get any guests. There seemed to be a lot of people who were apprehensive about age verifying, and I was afraid I would have to require age verifying. I was afraid half my staff wouldn't be able to work for me anymore, and that would be the end of business. As it turned out, the club closed before that even had a chance to become a problem.

In 2011 I decided to give the club another shot, and this time I rented space in an adult rated privately owned region, instead of on Zindra. The club wasn't open more than a few months when I remembered why I'd closed in the first place, but regardless of that I found that being on adult rated land really wasn't a problem at all. By then it seems that most of the people I know/knew had age verified and that was no longer a concern.

Until my partner rented a skybox from a landlord on Zindra, I hadn't ever really spent any time on the continent proper. One night we were standing in the skybox and bored, and decided to go down to the ground level and explore. We walked along the road through several sims, exploring what was around us. I was amazed to see how populated the continent had become. I don't visit Zindra often for businesses or clubs or anything, but I do visit the sandbox regularly.

Now, I think overall Zindra needed to happen. Adult content needed somewhere it could go and be accepted. You don't have to agree with everything that people are into that falls into adult content, but at least there is somewhere you can go where you know you aren't going to be told 'you can't do that here' about certain things.  I think having the whole continent be adult (and non-adult, if they want to join in) content kind of helps foster a sense of community over the whole continent. It's kind of like putting up a big 'Kinky People Welcome Here' sign. You know you're going to attract similar-minded people.

Tell us your feelings about 'Adult SL' in general and how Adult SL may fit in to your worldview of SL

I think this really ties in with the previous question, so I'd say that answer really applies to both. Both on how I originally viewed it, and how it's come to change over time.

What is your own definition of 'Adult' (as it pertains to SL) you would LIKE to see it defined

This is a difficult question for me because I'm one of those people who can see several points of view and see them all as valid arguments. 

Part of me thinks well, nudity and sex are in movies and TV shows that are rated R. You have to be 18 to see them... so I guess it makes sense if similar content as acted out by avatars should also be 18+ to view.

Another part of me thinks that nudity should be optional in real life, and that we should be open and honest with children from a very young age about what parts our body is made up of, what their functions are for, and what sex is... rather than making them taboo subjects. Things that are considered taboo tend to hold an attraction to children and young adults. The 'I shouldn't do this / say that / smoke this / drink that / so I'm going to. I'm going to rebel / be one of the cool kids / prove ___ by doing so' mentality is why those things happen. Take away the mystery and replace it with education and it's no longer a temptation, but instead an educated choice with known repercussions.. and hopefully this information will aid them in making the right choices.

I'd like for us to be that open in SL as well, but unfortunately the online aspect leads to other problems such as child predators. Ideally I think SL should be 18 and older and require age verification to sign up - but then that doesn't keep Teen Joe from sneaking mum's drivers license for a few minutes. Also lets not forget the parents who knowingly create accounts for their teenagers. Nothing is fool-proof online. 

Because of that, I suppose the definition of Adult in relation to SL is 'Anything you might see on HBO'.  While I might not like it to be that 'strict' (I was happy with my days of being naked in my club on 'Mature' land), I can understand why it is.. and I can respect the need to 'move that stuff aside' to it's own continent.

Whew! That was a long answer to a short question.. but I hope it made sense.

What is your vision (some ideas, anyway) for the future of Adult SL and Zindra?

I think it would be great if there were more places for people to interact as a community, with more common-interest groups and events. I think the ZEXPO was a good idea to start with.

With as many role play sims as there are in SL, I don't even know if there are any such sims on Zindra. What about a nature landscaped sim designed for naturists to gather and do activities... bonfires... boating, swimming, etc. where they could make friends and maybe even create meet-ups for RL.

There's a Fetish community website called Fetlife that can sort of be described as a more private Facebook for kinky folk, and I know they have a group in SL and they hold talks on different subjects. I'd love to see them more active in Zindra too.

I'm starting to recognize a theme with my answers. I promise I don't run around SL naked all the time!

What is your vision (some ideas, anyway) for the future of the Zindra Help Vortex?

I would like to see a second sim connected to the sandbox that is reminiscent of the old starter/welcome areas, that acts as a hub to connect visitors to other points of interest and community on Zindra. A section that advertises Zindra businesses, a nightclub connection area, information about role play sims, special interest groups and what not. It would also focus on education on a variety of topics, sort of like the Builders Brewery does now, but not just topics related to content creation. There would be areas created on land and in the sky in different areas around the sim for different classrooms (again, similar to the Builders Brewery)  It would point out those new to SL towards the sandbox/current help vortex. 

The current help vortex sandbox would work more like a hangout / sandbox / welcome area. The landing point area would be a safe spot to congregate and just meet people and hang out. It would be no-rez and no-object-entry and no-scripts, except for staff.  2-3 staff members could be found at any given time, hanging out in the sandbox, helping people and dealing with trouble makers.

The current help vortex staff would have the ability to actually do something about griefers so that everyone there can have a more pleasant experience.  I'd like to see all staff have the ability to return objects and to place bans.. with a policy that goes something like:  1st infraction - 7 day ban. 2nd infraction - 21 day ban.  3rd infraction - permanent ban.
I know that sometimes those attracted to power can come in and abuse it - so I would want there to be a system that if there are enough complaints against a certain member of staff that they are placed on probation, and if there are still problems, then they're removed from staff. You need the ability to prune the bad apples for the sake of tree.

What are some contributing ideas / philosophies / design approaches behind your Landing Point design?

Oh, you make it sound like I put a lot of thought into it. ;)  I guess you could say a welcome area that I visited long ago was sort of an inspiration. It had several rounded areas to it, and while it was nothing like what I came up with, it was the circles that got me thinking.  Much like I often do, I just started playing with cylinders and suddenly I was making a pattern from them. Being slightly OCD, I greatly enjoy patterns - especially mirrored ones. Before I knew it I had the base design down and went 'Oh, this doesn't suck.'  Of course then naturally I spend hours refining the little details until my inner perfectionist is happy.

What importance / significance (if any) do you see the Vortex having?

I think as it stands right now it's 'a good idea' with good intentions... a small seedling that needs love and water and to be nurtured, in the form of time and attention and people, ideas, and things getting done. I think it's also going to need a lot of discussion with Linden Lab employees and getting someone who can help the vortex staff get certain things done.

What are some other aspects of your SL life you'd just love us to know about? Anything unusual?

Unusual? You don't know me very well yet.. *maniacle laughter*  I have created a pig that you wear on your head, and it's tied to your head with ropes (it's called 'hogtied', appropriately)... a vacuum cleaner that you can ride like a motorcycle... an avatar called 'so board' that's a piece of wood with cute anime faces.... yeah I'd say there's quite a bit of unusual about me and my SL life. But it's mostly fun or goofy stuff, so you don't have to worry about calling for the men with the little white coats just yet.

If you could teach a class to residents (newbies or oldbies) what do you think would be some topics they really need to learn about most?

Never teach a class to oldbies, we think we know everything. ;)  Hmm. I spent a few months on another grid during that time that I left SL last year, and it reminded much of my early days in SL. One thing that I took away from that grid was the importance on deleting extra scripts in your clothing and attachments, and the benefits to using a client-side AO.  I also learned that when going to super-crowded events (such as the Hair Fair) that makes a huge difference if you completely de-prim your avatar and use a client-side AO. So I guess those could all 3 be rolled into "ways to help yourself and the grid with lag". 

Maybe a tips and tricks class for builders that that cover special builders tools in different viewers, and how to use them. There's a feature we've had in Firestorm for awhile that I figured out how to use a few days ago by accident. I think a lot of people don't understand the "Align" tool yet, even. Oh, and how about general things like the importance of making sure the scripts you're including in your products have a "delete all scripts" option, or you're including a non-scripted version that is re-sizeable by hand in addition to the scripted one. Also, the importance of NOT using systems that require you put a script in every single prim of that 200 prim belly chain you just made.

Oh, another one would be how to write marketplace reviews for the products you purchase, and why you should bother. Ever since LL took over the marketplace and completely redesigned the website, there's no longer a link that takes you to your history of purchases that you haven't reviewed yet. I've had customers tell me they don't know how to write a review.

With my experience with clubs spanning almost as long as I've been around (and that's 6 year and 6 months, if you've noticed the rez date) I have accrued vast insight into the do's and don'ts of creating yet-another-nightclub. What you will get out of it, what you won't, certain things you can expect, things you won't expect, common cliches that new owners fall into, and so on. I think a lot of people thinking about making a serious go of a club should learn from the collective experience of others who have been there and done that for many years.. and hopefully they won't become another victim of statistics.


Thanks Nedria, for the insights! We look forward to your continued involvement in the Zindra Help Vortex and Adult SL - Gina

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Zindra Expo Group Opens Exploring Zindra Photo Gallery: Ginette Pinazzo and Zada Bury Curate

The Zindra Expo group has opened a new facility on the adult mainland of Second Life.

The mission of the new Exploring Zindra Photo Gallery:
To Promote Artistic Photography on the Adult Mainland of Zindra

Teleport to Gallery Now

Here are some of the projects the Gallery will manage and/or connect with:

The Exploring Zindra Flickr Pool. ....
Anyone can submit images to the Pool (simple guidelines are on the site) with artistic photos taken anywhere on Zindra.
A slideshow from this Flickr Pool is also streamed direct into SL using our Free Slideshow Kiosks. This is a fun way to have your photos seen all over!

As mentioned, we have a free Kiosk that streams direct from Flickr. If you are in the Zindra Expo group (join today!) we will send out the latest copies of this free kiosk. We are working on different kiosk styles PLUS kiosks for other slideshows, so you can have many choices.
Note: even though this is adult-rated mainland, most or all of the kiosks are safe for Moderate areas too

We manage a website about artistic photography on the Adult Mainland, with a database of SL photographers who live and work on Zindra, and those who have contributed to Zindra projects. This site also contains onformation about contests , exhibits and other photo-related Zindra projects.

This new inword Gallery that will host exhibits and photohunt contests

Teleport to Gallery Now

We enjoy a healthy relationship with the Zindra  Expo group. So can you!


Ginette Pinazzo
Zada Bury

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Photos From Sexy Speed Build Sundays at Zindra Help Vortex: Overworked and Overused

We've posted a new gallery of photos from another recent Sexy Speed Build Contest at Zindra Help Vortex.

The theme was 'Overworked and Overused' 
See The Gallery Here!

The Sexy Speed Build Contest is EVERY Sunday at 8PM and is open to all skill levels! It's fun and friendly way to meet others, and learn how to build in Second Life.

Zindra Help Vortex is the official sandbox/help center for the adult mainland in Second Life.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Photos from Zindra Help Vortex: What I Am Doing For The 4th Of July

We've posted a new gallery of photos from the recent Sexy Speed Build Contest at Zindra Help Vortex.

The theme was 'What I Am Doing For The 4th Of July' 

The Sexy Speed Build Contest is EVERY Sunday at 8PM and is open to all skill levels! It's fun and friendly way to meet others, and learn how to build in Second Life.

Zindra Help Vortex is the official sandbox/help center for the adult mainland in Second Life.

See the Gallery Of Photos Here

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dream Promenade Leaving LEA (Linden Endowment For The Arts): Another Adult SL Program in Jeopardy?

I have removed all of my content from the LEA, including the entire 'adult' exhibtiion area called Dream Promenade and will be seeking a new home for this program.
It is with great sadness I must announce that the Dream Promenade (which, for a brief moment in time, appeared to be a fabulous opportunity for Adult SL to have a fully realized arts exhibition area) will NOT be part of the LEA (Linden Endowment For The Arts)
Because I have removed it from LEA land and will be looking for a new home for the program.

Let me be clear. I did not quit the LEA and I was not asked to remove the Dream Promenade specifically. I was discriminated against and forced out of the LEA Board by unscrupulous means (which I detail elsewhere), and it is due to my resulting refusal to even be connected to that corrupt agency that I have removed all of my work related to it. No more Dream Promenade there, nothing.

In the end, the results are that, once again, LL administration (persuaded by a angsty troll or 2) moved against a specific resident and exercised biased practices. I'm not saying it was sexist behavior; I have no idea if it goes that direction. But it is disenfranchisement and favouritism any way you view it. First they came after Zindra and erased all traces of the community aspect there (killing all of the Zindra Expo group's programs at the time) and now this......I am starting to feel 'stalked'

The Dream Promenade was just one (but an important one, if you ask me) of the programs I was involved with at LEA. For a moment in time it seemed as if the 'sensual arts region' was going to be a wonderfully positive way to see a sophisticated approach to Adult SL recognized by LL.  Sadly, yet again, the supposed agenda to market Adult SL as something more sophisticated has been undermined by an administration that speaks out of one side of its mouth, but acts from the other. Gone are the officially-endorsed community programs to attract and retain adult residents and now this is the latest casualty. Zindra Expo group? Cut off from LL. Zindra Help Vortex?  Turned into a griefer-paradise by Lab policy. Misogynyst lifestyles and places like 'Gor' promoted by the Lab and easily accessible by minors via Search? The list goes on.....

Why was I fired?
I was eliminated from the LEA Board as a result of their own discriminatory practices and I hope to be moving the Dream Promenade to a better location, to benefit artists, adult community and residents in general who celebrate freedom of expression and empowerment.

I will have nothing to do with the Linden Endowment For The Arts going forward and feel terrible for all of those who have wasted time and effort in that agency. I certainly feel sad for the wonderful and talented people with great contributions within LEA, who are now misrepresented by a corrupt minority. I definitely cannot condone the agency on principles, as it currently operates under unethical business practices that allow discrimination and disenfranchisement.

Read More here:

To LEA: you fired me: deal with it

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Zindra Expo Group at SL9B: Second Life Birthday and Adult Second Life

We are very excited to be involved with SL9B, the amazing Second Life Birthday event. This is an historic occasion as residents take charge of what was once a Linden Lab-managed affair.

Read about SL9B here

I am pleased to announce that the Zinra Expo group has a display at the giant event, so please do check it out!
Zindra Expo at SL9B

Congratulations to all of the planners and participants of SL9B. With the type of energy and enthusiasm (and dedication) apparent with this effort, the future looks brighter!

Monday, June 4, 2012

NEW! Photos from Sexy Sunday Speed Build at Zindra Help Vortex: Time, Wood, more!

We are very excited to announce many more photo galleries on the Zindra Help Vortex website, showing some of the amazing work from recent competitions!

Every Sunday at 8PM SLT, residents gather in Second Life's only free adult sandbox and help center, to engage in a wild and crazy building contest, where the theme is always a surprise and the time limit is always one hour!

Loyal photographer Nicci Winsmore snaps great images from each week's session, and we archive them on the site.

Latest Updates are from the following themes:
Enjoy the galleries and make certain to stop by the Vortex and participate!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Zindra Expo Group PICNIC Meeting in the Park: SUN MAY 27 at 11AM

A very special Zindra Expo group PICNIC Meeting In The Park!

- ZE at SL9B
- ZE at MWGA Media Expo event
- Ideas for new lands donated to ZE

MEETING LOCATION is in the new Park next the Zindra Expo Community Center and Pod Hub:

See you there!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Zindra Expo group at MWGA's Media Expo in June

Zindra Expo group will be part of this year's Media Expo  presented by the Magazine Writer’s Guide Association on June 16-17 . We are happy to have been invited to thsi prestigous event and will have ZE info available there.

Read abt the event:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Land For Zindra Expo Group

We have a few land offers to start new places for ZE group.
Ideas so far (in addition to the Bronlen meeting space and Pod Hub)

1. Zindra Social Center (special mingling events, 'cruise' parties, etc)
2. Exploring Zindra Photo Gallery (art/photos/photo hunts)
3. Zindra Beautification Center: an office that promote a prettier mainland
4. Naked Tai Chi Garden: name says it all

Thoughts? Let me know!
Contact Ginette Pinazzo with feedback or suggestions

Monday, May 7, 2012

GFAC 2012: Spotlight on Press Pass Media group in Second LIfe

One of the many great Second Life groups represented at GFAC 2012


Press Pass Media group, Got Press?
Let us publish it!

This is a great group to stay in touch w/ SL happenings and news. Press Pass provides an invaluable service to distribute the latest and greatest information.

Group Link: Press Pass Media


Thursday, May 3, 2012

GFAC 2012: Spotlight On Molina's Galleries group

One of the many great Second Life groups represented at GFAC 2012


Molina's Galleries & Art Cafe - art, sculptures, pictures and more. Majong, dancing, relaxing, En-Garde fencingarena  and new: Can't Stop Game

Group Link: Molina's Galleries
Main Contact: Molina Rhode

Sunday, April 29, 2012

GFAC 2012: Spotlight On: A.C.E.S. Adult Community Education Society Group

ABOUT ACES: Adult Community Education Society GROUP

The Adult Community Education Society exists to provide and promote learning opportunities for everyone, regardless of sexual identity, race, species, or lifestyle. We build support systems, provide resources, encourage respect, networking, empowerment, and growth regardless of SIM or group affiliation.

As of now, A.C.E.S. collaborates with over 20 SIMs, hosts 20-60 learning opportunities per week hosted by over 40 passionate individuals all across Second Life. We are over 1400 members and growing!

A.C.E.S. seeks to expand and enhance knowledge, appreciation, and respect for the Adult (18+) Community in Second Life. We accomplish this by sharing our own knowledge and enthusiasm with those who are honestly and respectfully seeking the same. A.C.E.S. promotes leadership and participation in opportunities such as lectures, presentations, various art forms, munches, or discussions in SL focused on learning.

 type in the SL search "Adult Community Education Society" to find our group and join. All members of A.C.E.S. also have the ability to invite new members, so we ask that our members help invite individuals to A.C.E.S. so that they too may benefit and help us continue to build positive support systems in the SL Adult Community.

A.C.E.S. seeks to build a better quality SL ADULT Community!

For posting rights and general group information, please contact JeZeBeLe Dagger or Jovial Denimore.

Group Link: ACES
Main Contacts: JeZeBeLe Dagger & Jovial Denimore

Google Calendar
ACES in FetLife
ACES Youtube channel

Teleport to GAC 2012 Now

FACTOIDS ABOUT ACES: Adult Community Education Society GROUP
Who are we?The membership itself are individuals who are leaders, SIM owners, educators, facilitators, mentors, members, and aspiring individuals interested in what we have going on. Some of our  membership also lead these types of events in the real world. Learning is our passion and we seek to share that passion with anyone we can. We believe life is enriched when we grow.

What ethics do you uphold?
√  Honor:
We honor everyone's unique signature in their chosen lifestyle. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated. A.C.E.S. will directly address issues that relate to abuse to the best of the group's abilities.
There are bound to be old friends and new comers alike within this group. Diversity is the norm. Please be respectful and use common sense. If you wish to network or socialize with someone outside the group, and we hope you do, please make sure it is welcomed first. This is a meeting/networking/and learning space. There is absolutely no obligation to make friends or hangout with someone you do not feel comfortable with. Drama is not tolerated.

√  Enthusiasm:
We hold true to ourselves the enthusiasm and passion to better enrich our personal lives and the lives of others. We accomplish this by offering diversity, learning resources, and community support systems.

√  Network:
We provide a space for groups not affiliated, or those who are actively collaborating with each other, to broadcast their learning opportunities with individuals from all walks of life. We do not charge for membership. Facilitators, instructors, mentors, teachers, SIM owners, or coordinators of events that relate to learning can request to be added as people with the ability to send group notifications/IMs for their events. We are open for discussions, suggestions, sharing ideas about empowerment, mutual collaboration, and supporting learning at large.

√  Safety:
The A.C.E.S. building will be a safe zone at all times. Any drama, or abuse will not be tolerated. Those directly involved with an incident will be contacted as soon as possible for remedy. We provide equal opportunity for everyone involved.
A.C.E.S. promotes learning whether it is the BDSM Lifestyle, building, scripting, relationships, various art forms, or any other subject that promotes learning and enhancement in the SL Community.
Everyone who comes into SL can chose to experience SL how they want. Some people make it good and some make it bad. It is up to the individuals to decide for themselves. A.C.E.S.'s goal is to offer a variety of resources, to offer a variety of educational styles, and a diverse support system, so that people are empowered to make informed and responsible choices that are best for them. Each person must be responsible for themselves, we are after all ADULTS.

-General etiquette:

Within A.C.E.S. Network on-going events, there are bound to be old friends and newcomers alike at every meeting. Diversity is the norm. Please be respectful and use common sense. If you wish to network or socialize with someone outside the gatherings (we hope you do!), make sure it is welcomed first. A.C.E.S. encourages and promotes diversity but there is no obligation to become friends or hang out with someone (or in any SIM) you do not feel comfortable with.
About the SIMs within the A.C.E.S. Network: Your SIM will function independently- A.C.E.S. is not a governing body over other SIMs. We provide a network for the Adult (18+) Community in SL. However, we do expect those who are part of the network to be civil, supportive of each other, attempt to handle personal conflict well, set a good example for others, and to welcome all members who are interested in learning. In special circumstances, A.C.E.S. owners do offer mediation to SIM owners/educators/facilitators/mentors/members.

Any concerns can be brought to ACES owners JeZeBeLe Dagger or Jovial Denimore through IM or notecard. We will respond as soon as possible.
We deeply appreciate all of the SIMs, SIM owners, educators, facilitators, mentors, and members for your continued support and passion for learning and growing. Please feel free to contact JeZeBeLe Dagger, Jovial Denimore with ideas for learning opportunities and things you feel could help enhance our group and our community.

Those who have the ability to post notices: A.C.E.S. is a group for promoting events with learning opportunities only. Post notices related only to these events. Do not post or issue IM's about dances, parties, MM boards, sales (item or real estate, etc.), auctions, or anything else that is not related to learning in this group. If you have any doubts, please contact JeZeBeLe Dagger, Jovial Denimore or Rory Glenwalker for clarification.

The ownership of A.C.E.S. is not responsible for the content provided by its membership- each SIM functions independently of A.C.E.S., we are not a governing body of any SIM. However, A.C.E.S. supports only consensual BDSM/Kink/Fetish/Alt. Lifestyles. Anyone who is deemed to be giving information by way of lectures, classes, workshops, munches, or discussion groups, anything that promotes abuse, non-consensual activities, neglect, etc., may have their right to post events revoked and/or be ejected and banned from group. BDSM/Kink/Fetish/Poly/Swinging/etc. are of equal partnerships between consenting adults for the benefit of everyone involved. These lifestyle have great responsibilities that everyone (subs/slaves/Dominants, etc, etc, etc.) are expected to understand and practice. Everyone, regardless of the self-given title, Mistress/slave/Master/submissive/pet/Top/bottom/fetishist/furry, etc, etc, must treat each other with a high regard toward respect and tolerance at all times.

Teleport to GAC 2012 Now

Saturday, April 28, 2012

GFAC 2012: Spotlight on MiMi's Choice

One of the many Second Life Groups represented at GFAC 2012 (Groups For Adult Communities) : MIMI's Choice Group


Collecting the best brands in SL, for ladies and gentlemen.
Besides that me or my staff can give you advice, help you with a make over too. 

At Mimi's Choice you can find casual and formal outfits, shoes, boots, hair, glasses, etc from the best designers , like Gabriel, DE Designs, Alphamale, Gizza, SF Design, Utopia, Vitamen, Jeepers Creepers shoes, Kalnins shoes, Kal Rau, Sartoria, Bad@zz hair and shapes, Hoorenbeek, Noon shapes, Diram, Tres Beau, Ala Folie, Prism, Vanity hair, Lollipopz hair, W&Y hair, LoQ hair, Kitties Lair, Xanadu, N-core shoes, MEB, Anubis Style, Orage Creations, Jador, Vista ao's, GBTM watches and boats etc.

Group Link: MIMI's Choice
Main Contact: Mimi Juneau
Teleport to GFAC now

Friday, April 27, 2012

GFAC 2012: Spotlight on The SL Enquirer Group

One of the many Second Life Groups represented at GFAC 2012 (Groups For Adult Communities) : The SL Enquirer Group


The SL Enquirer is the longest running community news sources catering to Second Life residents since 2005.


Why  should people join your group?
Joining our group gives members the latest news and events happening on the grid.

What is different/ useful about your group?
All members of The SL Enquirer media group get 10% off advertising on our website and can submit news notices through the group.  Media sources that wish to publish their news with Press Pass Media can do so with a banner space of 1000L per month.

What community/industry/network your group impacts
The SL Enquirer impacts the virtual world community as a whole by providing news on a variety of topics including role play, entertainment, spotlight features and business.  Event Bookings, Spotlight features or advertising options available.

Group Link: The SL Enquirer
Main Contact: Lanai Jarrico

SL Enquirer In Destination Guide

Teleport to GFAC now