Monday, October 31, 2011

SKIN BURN 2011: NOV 12: Start working on those Art Skins!

Zindra Expo group is happy to evolve its relationship with BURN2. On SAT NOV 12, get ready for SKIN BURN 2011, the naked follow-up to BURN 2. We will be providing details and resources to help Zindrans, Adult Estate Owners and artists with a desire to create an amazing Art Skin to get the most out of this show. Keep your eye on the Zindra Connects website, and ZE Notices, for details as they are released.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Once Upon A Time! Photos from the Sexy Sundays Speedbuild Contest at Zindra Help Vortex!

ONCE UPON A TIME! Photos from the Sexy Sundays Speedbuild Contest!
The theme this week was 'Fairy Tale'.....Check out these new photos from SL's most exciting adult sandbox!
See the Photo Gallery Here

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Zindra Expo Group Meeting with Adult Estate Owners: Special Brainstorming Session: SAT OCT 29 at 1PM

ZEG Meeting 10-29-2011
Format: Brainstorming Session


ZEG will be facilitating, keeping the brainstorming moving and guiding only if necessary. If anyone wanders too far 'off topic' we will guide back. (Negativity/destructive materials won't be utilized and will be redirected) The mission is 100% positive.

1. If Zindra Expo produced an event or started a new program, how could ZE involve Adult Estates more? What projects could be designed to do this better?

2. What are some innovative (new!) projects/programs that Zindra Expo group and Adult Estate Owners can partner to do together?

3. What are some mutually beneficial ideas that can help BOTH the adult mainland and the adult estates?

Feel free to bring any wild ideas of your own, even if they are 'rough' and not polished yet. Most of all, bring an open mind and positive energy! Be prepared to contribute! Don't be shy! (there are no 'bad ideas')

1. When you hear an idea, rather than contradict, ignore or belittle it, try to 'add' to the idea, and suggest modifications, enhancements or evolutions. Note that even a 'weak' idea can become wonderful if given enough loving attention.
2. If you notice someone who is too quiet, feel free to pester them to join the dialogue! (We'll do this too)

All chat will be compiled and organized as best as possible then redistributed among all participants later in a document that is (hopefully) easy to read and absorb. The final document may be published IF the participants concede.

We can definitely have continuing brainstorming sessions in this format.
The real purpose is to develop ideas from these sessions into actual proposals. (ZE can assist in the actual drafting of proposals if necessary)
Some proposals will be presented to LL and/or to residents, depending on nature of proposal. The end result? Positive proposals that are well presented can become reality.

Join Zindra Expo group

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Zindra Expo group meeting w/ Estate Owners OCT 22: CHAT LOG

Thanks to Innula for the Chat Log

Zindra Expo group meeting w/ Estate Owners OCT 22

[13:00] Ginette Pinazzo: a LOT of Estate Owners just asked me to send them Notecards with the material, so Ill send those out later
[13:00] Ginette Pinazzo: hi Innula
[13:00] Innula Zenovka: hi
[13:01] Ginette Pinazzo: I am happy to see all of you...this is a very different crowd than usual!
[13:01] JeZeBeLe Dagger: nice to meet everyone
[13:02] JeZeBeLe Dagger: putting faces with the avatar names on group ims is refreshing
[13:02] Ginette Pinazzo: (running through my TP list....please intro yourselves!)
[13:02] Aprille Shepherd: ;))
[13:03] Angela Kahealani (celeste.python): I am a student of life... RL and SL :-)
[13:03] Ginette Pinazzo: a lot are still coming
[13:03] Ginette Pinazzo: if all seats are filled, Ill consider this major success
[13:04] Aprille Shepherd: I'm the Owner and Madame of Toy Slaves Brothel and Toy Slaves (Family) - 200 girls...45 Dominants...15 Groups...10 Portals...5 Sims...1 Mall and 1 Radio Station
[13:04] Ginette Pinazzo: hi Broken
[13:04] JeZeBeLe Dagger: im seeing if the D/s Academy director wants a tp here
[13:04] Angela Kahealani (celeste.python): radio station? UrL?
[13:05] Ginette Pinazzo: hi BBQ
[13:05] BBQBill Odriscoll: Hello Everbody
[13:05] BBQBill Odriscoll: Hello Gina
[13:05] Kandi Luminos: I'm also one of Toy Slaves Madame's, and owner of Doll Island
[13:05] Aprille Shepherd: BROTHEL RADIO...
We Play the Tunes they can't play on the Radio

In SL for your land:

From The Web:
[13:05] Ginette Pinazzo: Hi Hunt
[13:05] Ginette Pinazzo: lets fill those seats..haha
[13:06] Huntress Catteneo: brothel radio?
[13:06] BBQBill Odriscoll: Hello Huntress
[13:06] Navy1 (navy1.coba): sorry, Gina, am on lunch from work, need to say hi and go, another time maybe
[13:06] Ginette Pinazzo: hi Raimund
[13:06] Ginette Pinazzo: ok Navy...we'll send you NC
[13:07] Ginette Pinazzo: hi Blacksilk
[13:07] Raimund DeCuir: hello Ginette - looks like I am standing then
[13:07] Ginette Pinazzo: I see a few empty seats still
[13:07] Ginette Pinazzo: someone hasnt claimed the curried chicken yet
[13:07] Huntress Catteneo: all grabbed those regions you wanted with the no set up fees? *sigh*
[13:07] Starr (starr.bloobury): lol
[13:07] Raimund DeCuir: My SL legs can take it :)
[13:07] Ginette Pinazzo: hahah
[13:08] Ginette Pinazzo: well I see a good mix of ZE members and Estate Owners...perfect
[13:08] Aprille Shepherd: ;))
[13:08] Ginette Pinazzo: by meeting;'s end, please make sure I have your name and what region you represent, if relevant
[13:08] Ginette Pinazzo: hi Kirk
[13:08] Champagne *Wear me whispers: Enjoy!
[13:09] Kirk Stand: Hi Ginette
[13:09] Ginette Pinazzo: Hi Zena
[13:09] Ginette Pinazzo: we'll start as soon as Huntress says GO
[13:09] BROKEN Bodenhall: kirks with me
[13:09] Huntress Catteneo: hehe
[13:09] Huntress Catteneo: that's tomorrow
[13:09] Huntress Catteneo: be waiting a while
[13:09] JeZeBeLe Dagger: i guess ill introduce myself
[13:09] Ginette Pinazzo: I relaly want to thank everyone for taking time out from their schedules for really means a lot...I know how busy we all get
[13:09] BROKEN Bodenhall: a/o doing it kirk?
[13:10] Ginette Pinazzo: Hello! Welcome to the first ever really totally official get-to-know-you meeting between Zindra Expo group and any Estate Owners brave enough to show!
[13:10] Zena Zemlja: hi Ginette, hi everyone
[13:10] Kirk Stand: turned it off, we'll see
[13:10] Zena Zemlja: how to sit on this bench, lol
[13:10] Ginette Pinazzo: If it's ok, I'd like to start with brief intros. A few words about of your region(s) / sim(s)...any fun facts you can think of.....
[13:10] Ginette Pinazzo: Jeze....please feel free to go first and move clockwise...thanks
[13:10] Ginette Pinazzo: lets be brief as we are so many
[13:11] JeZeBeLe Dagger: Im one of the Co Owners of ACES the Adult Community Education Society network. we have 20 individual sims in the education network specificially on education, munches and discussions. Weve been alive since December of 2009 and have 1420 members in the network. 80 facilitators and we offer these announcements in a protocol of education only. We're part of the freedom continent and have been actively working towards real life non profit status.
[13:11] Ginette Pinazzo: wow....20? thats great
[13:11] JeZeBeLe Dagger: Im the headmistress of ROSE School Realm of skills and education and active member of 2 mentor groups in SL. Mentoring and education are my focus in SL
[13:11] Aprille Shepherd: nice
[13:12] JeZeBeLe Dagger: nice to meet you im done lol
[13:12] Aprille Shepherd: I'm the Owner and Madame of Toy Slaves Brothel and Toy Slaves (Family) - 200 girls...45 Dominants...15 Groups...10 Portals...5 Sims...1 Mall and 1 Radio Station
[13:13] Ginette Pinazzo: wow...Aprille...youve totally rehearsed that speech...haha (teasing)
[13:13] Aprille Shepherd: giggles
[13:13] Kandi Luminos chuckles
[13:13] Ginette Pinazzo: Hi Bluejade..please come close and join us'
[13:13] Lady Jade (bluejade.yip): thanks..
[13:14] Ginette Pinazzo: ok..clockwise......lets go!
[13:14] Blacksilk Sorbet: I own one adult estate, named Blacksilk Forrest. I am rarely online the last year and the entire sim is rented out and managed by others. May eventually be more active, time will show.
[13:14] JeZeBeLe Dagger: those who just arived we are introducing ourselves clockwise
[13:14] BROKEN Bodenhall: I am Owner of Pure Extacy and Naughty Land, We are an adult hang out for BDSM and Nilla alike I am an Estate Owener of Auzure Island III
[13:14] Ginette Pinazzo: Broken is very brave and was here last week
[13:15] BROKEN Bodenhall: heheee
[13:15] BROKEN Bodenhall: most say i have bigger umm yeah then most men so
[13:15] BROKEN Bodenhall: * ★ * LoOooLL* ★ *
[13:15] Blacksilk Sorbet: Yes, I can see your nose is unusually big - yes!
[13:15] BROKEN Bodenhall: yeah
[13:15] Ginette Pinazzo: (tosses steamed bun to Kirk)
[13:15] Raimund DeCuir: Huge!
[13:15] BROKEN Bodenhall: if you say so
[13:15] BROKEN Bodenhall: *GIGGLES* :)~~~~
[13:16] BROKEN Bodenhall: kirk si a friend of mine i asked to join me as well
[13:16] Kandi Luminos: I'm one of the Toy Slaves Madames and have the Pleasure Dolls group - almost 2000 doll fetishists and aficionados on the Doll sim, which is also part of the Toy Slaves family (and I didn't rehearse)
[13:17] Lady Jade (bluejade.yip): :)
[13:17] Innula Zenovka: i'm a private estate owner, along with my partner in crime Vesta Martynov. Vesta and I own the Something Spunky business -- Vesta's the animator and i do the scripts -- the Freedonia region and a few residential homesteads and bits of land on Zindra and the mainland both.
[13:17] Zena Zemlja: Owner of Art sim Body, Mind & Spirit, owning 14 galleries on my own sim and 4 on other land as well, also owning a teaching area on my sim and teaching my workshops there. Last but not least also spiritual and D/s consultant.
[13:17] Ginette Pinazzo: Thanks Kandi...Innula.....Zena
[13:17] Angela Kahealani (celeste.python): I am a student of life, and a professional healer, I work with every issue in the entire human conditon, and none are more challenging than the issues people feel repressed about, and the greatest repression is sexuality, so I'm keeping up on the latest developments in SL.
[13:18] Ginette Pinazzo: wow Celeste! let us know when you figure it all out! The condtion, that is
[13:18] Lady Jade (bluejade.yip): i am just a curious person i own nothing live anywtere i want or where they will have me:)
[13:18] Angela Kahealani (celeste.python): well, it's individual
[13:18] Zena Zemlja: (yay, found a place to sit, lol)
[13:18] Ginette Pinazzo: good answer, Bluejade
[13:19] Starr (starr.bloobury): Im Starr, Im really no one I am here merely to learn
[13:19] Tinika Jakob: I am the owner of Triskelion, a new BDSM club and facility which is just being built now. I am also a member of the Latex dolls on Fetish Voodoo a latex based, bdsm environment with over 100 dommes and subs on our books which has been running for getting on 5 years.
[13:19] Ginette Pinazzo: Starr! everyoen is someone! Sometimes more than one person
[13:19] Ginette Pinazzo: oh great! Tinika..are you sort of our 'Latex Dolls' representative today?
[13:19] Ginette Pinazzo: Raimond?
[13:19] JeZeBeLe Dagger: Id like a LM to your place Tinika please
[13:19] Raimund DeCuir: I am Raimund, or Rai (or 'Oi!') - I am more an interested observer - I have owned sims and parcels at Sabra and Cheosan on the mainland in the past and ran an adult-friendly rental service - I have been out of SL for a while, due to relationship conflicts in SL, but I am back and considering getting up to my old antics
[13:20] Angela Kahealani (celeste.python): I have my own homestead, and switched it from Adult rating to Mature, because of the legal requirements for Adult rating presently demand you submit and take the Biblical Mark of the Beast (that's a long story)
[13:20] Ginette Pinazzo: hope you get back into involvement, Raimiund! thanks
[13:20] Tinika Jakob: Sure - its not open yet but I'll let you have one
[13:20] Ginette Pinazzo: hi blackcrow...we are just finishing intros
[13:20] JeZeBeLe Dagger: thanks
[13:20] Black (blackcrow6667.garmes): hey
[13:20] Aprille Shepherd: ;))
[13:20] Black (blackcrow6667.garmes): its packed
[13:21] Ginette Pinazzo: great intros.....
[13:21] Zena Zemlja: Biblical Mark of the Beast??
[13:21] Ginette Pinazzo: and my intro...
[13:21] Ginette Pinazzo: Im Gina. I run a city called Future Femdom, in the Zindran region of Popke. I also am one of the continuing officers in the Zindra Expo group, which is the reason I am chairing this get-together today.
[13:21] Ginette Pinazzo: The meeting will basically be three parts:
[13:21] Ginette Pinazzo: 1. an explanation of what Zindra Expo group is, who I am, and what the purpose is for all of you have full context. I am interested in full disclosure, so I won't hesitate to tell you my hopes, my motives and my goals. I am well aware I have detractors out there, but that won't stop me from saying what I feel needs to be said.
[13:22] Ginette Pinazzo: 2. A little about current events: what's going on now with Zindra and Adult Sl, as best as we can know. A tiny amount of history and where it has left us. Of course, this will all be coming from my perspective, so take it as you will. My hope is that every perspective you encounter helps you reach your own.
[13:22] Ginette Pinazzo: 3. Finally, an open floor, just to chat about anything you wish.
[13:22] Ginette Pinazzo: any immediate concerns or comments before I dive in?
[13:22] Aprille Shepherd: More Gruel please....
[13:23] Ginette Pinazzo: (passes gruel to Aprille)
[13:23] Aprille Shepherd: thx
[13:23] Raimund DeCuir: Dive away!
[13:23] Ginette Pinazzo: I promise Ill be as fast and painless as possible so we can get to your voices
[13:23] Ginette Pinazzo: 1. ZINDRA EXPO GROUP.......
[13:23] Ginette Pinazzo: First, some URLs: (I'll make a notecard later with all of this info)
[13:23] Ginette Pinazzo: The ZE blog:
[13:24] Ginette Pinazzo: (note: we are having Google trouble, and many of our sites are down right now....being fixed).....
[13:24] Ginette Pinazzo: You will notice to the right on the blog, are 5 links to some other main resources:
[13:24] Huntress Catteneo: ahhh that would explain things
[13:24] Ginette Pinazzo: 1. The Zindra site (Zindra: The Adult Continent Of Second Life: Projects and Proposals for a healthy and dynamic adult mainland'). ..... This is a business and policy-oriented site with proposals by ZE that have either been approved by LL and or are still in discussion. There are some articles too. Most of the content is my own, other members of the ZEg, or content we helped other people develop. We are always open to collaborating on proposals.
[13:24] Ginette Pinazzo: 2. the Exploring Zindra Flickr group (offworld)....
[13:24] Ginette Pinazzo: 3. The Eye on Zindra site (about artistic photography and photographers)....
[13:24] Ginette Pinazzo: 4. LL's official Wiki about Zindra.....
[13:25] Ginette Pinazzo: 5. A link to the wiki about the Adult Content User Group (inworld weekly meetings led by LL..I'll explain a bit about that lately. There is movement from LL to try to phase the ACUG out. This is a hot topic now which I hope we touch upon later. In fact, the phase-out threat is one reason it makes sense to meet today).....
[13:25] Ginette Pinazzo: so those are some links....sure its not everything...but it relaly does link to most of what ZE is up to
[13:25] Ginette Pinazzo: A decent overview of the Zindra Expo group, what we are and what we have done can be found on this specific page:
[13:25] Ginette Pinazzo:
[13:25] Ginette Pinazzo: and yes, its down right now (sigh.....kicks Google)

[13:26] Ginette Pinazzo: next Ill explain what ZE is......
[13:26] Ginette Pinazzo: ZE is an LL group, and was originally formed to be a 'neutral, fair and inclusive' group to produce events to promote Zindra. This was done to avoid collusion with specific commercial enterprises, so that all ZE projects would be unbiased. Not easy to do. But it's certainly do-able......
[13:27] Ginette Pinazzo: For example, if you look carefully at our record, ZE has tried to keep all of our projects unrelated to specific commercial interests or lifestyle interests. I believe that an official organisation should never be in the business of promoting specific companies, lifestyles, politics or religions. (that doesnt mean you can't help promote them just takes finesse to do it fairly)......
[13:27] Ginette Pinazzo: I've been called everything from a communist to socialist to freeloader, but I maintain I know a thing or two about organic growth and ways to encourage trust building and collaboration, which naturally can lead to all forms of growth, including economic, social and creative.......
[13:27] Ginette Pinazzo: My role in ZE...and why....
[13:27] Ginette Pinazzo: ZE did start out producing ZEXPO 2010 and then went out to propose and produce many other events and programs (not all events). The officers have changed over time, depending on project, and I ended up being a sort of spokeswoman for a few reasons, so I ended up being a steady officer. If nothing else, this allows for steady central communication and continuity...necessary for growth. I do send out Notices and group IMS and try my best to nurture overall interest and participation.
[13:28] Ginette Pinazzo: I would argue that, at this time, ZE is really the only central and very dynamic, 'neutral' communication source for Zindra, and perhaps for much of Adult SL.
[13:28] Ginette Pinazzo: ZINDRA's ROLE: WHY IS ZINDRA IMPORTANT?.....
[13:28] Ginette Pinazzo: This relates to some of the philosophy behind ZE and also to the beliefs many people have about Zindra and Zindra's role. It also relates to the reason I am involved at all:
[13:28] Ginette Pinazzo: The reason? Zindra is the Key.
[13:28] Ginette Pinazzo: Many believe, as I do, that a healthy SL will increasingly depend on a healthy adult SL. (and I am NOT talking about 'sex' when I say 'adult'...I am talking about people who are adults, as customers)....
[13:28] Ginette Pinazzo: ...A healthy Adult SL hinges on the adult mainland.......not all Estate Owners will agree to this, I'm sure.....but I maintain that Zindra (adult mainland) affects all of Adult SL, and will become more and more an important focus. Estates will be affected by Zindra, for many reasons.
[13:29] Ginette Pinazzo: (we can certainly debate this later..but thats the philosophy behind much of what we've been you have context)
[13:29] Ginette Pinazzo: WHY GINA CARES AT ALL.....
[13:29] Ginette Pinazzo: So..that is actually my motivation, personally. To help develop Zindra because its a Key to all of Adult SL, and I care about Adult SL because its affects the growth of SL in general. I don't work for LL (though some might say we all work for them). Despite the Lab's constant mishandling of things, I do believe they have an important part to play in the future of virtual worlds. And I feel that starts here.
[13:29] Ginette Pinazzo: and now to WHY were here together today......
[13:30] Ginette Pinazzo: ZINDRA connecting with ESTATES.....
[13:30] Ginette Pinazzo: To date, ZE has been working very very hard to develop programs that help Zindra (and by, extension, all of Adult SL) . We have had great success. But we have always known that many people simply don't get their voices heard. It's bad enough that most Zindra residents themselves don't get a voice (we have a Ambassador program to help that issue, a newsletter, and groups like ZE to help connect Zindrans, but it is slow) But it's far worse that most Estate Owners don't have any voice. This must change.
[13:30] Ginette Pinazzo: THIS MEETING...
[13:30] Ginette Pinazzo: I started this today because I wanted to see first steps to connect Estate Owners to a process of dialogue. I am not a Linden, and I only speak for myself and active members of the ZE group. I don't even agree with half the things the Lab does, and, in fact, am opposed to some of their actions (especially these days), BUT the main purpose is to simply get connected......
[13:30] Ginette Pinazzo: Even if we connect today and you decide my views are not your own, and you oppose my views, that's fine. This isn't a sales pitch to join ZE (though I'd be thrilled if you did, to stay in communication) and I literally just want to extend the hand of collaboration.....
[13:31] Ginette Pinazzo: I am not boasting or assuming any form of authority. As far as I know, to date, ZE is the only steady stream of information about LL's Zindra and Adult SL developments. Everything could change in a week. Who knows. But that seems to be the standing now.

[13:31] Ginette Pinazzo: I am ready to continue about what Id call FIVE current events of note.......but we can pause for questions/comments abt what Ive said so far
[13:31] JeZeBeLe Dagger: What is ACUG Adult Content User group. Oh ok i get it
[13:32] Ginette Pinazzo: dont you LOVE acronyms
[13:32] JeZeBeLe Dagger: i actively use and promote that wiki
[13:32] Innula Zenovka: I have a question, if I may
[13:32] Ginette Pinazzo: (tossess penne all vodka to BBQ...) anything to add BB?
[13:32] Ginette Pinazzo: yes Innula?
[13:32] Innula Zenovka: Gina, you've said Zindra is a key to all adult SL, and that Estates will be affected by Zindra, for many reasons -- why? Zindra is about 10% or so of Adult SL. How -- in practial terms -- does Zindra affect the other 90% to any significant extent?
[13:32] BBQBill Odriscoll: I think you covered it well Gina
[13:32] Ginette Pinazzo: its a great question, Innula
[13:33] BROKEN Bodenhall: was my question as well
[13:33] Ginette Pinazzo: consider that many new arrivals will come to Zindra and buy/rent land...or just get involved in SL their 'intro'........
[13:33] BROKEN Bodenhall: this group doesnt make decisions for lindin lab
[13:33] Ginette Pinazzo: the way LL markets Zindra will affect the flow to Estates too
[13:34] Ginette Pinazzo: and as LL markets Zindra more.....that flow will pass through here more and more
[13:34] Ginette Pinazzo: no it doesnt Broken....its an LL group and works with least for time being
[13:35] Kirk Stand: Excuse me all, RL calling...
[13:35] BROKEN Bodenhall: yes but does LL take in consideration to what people in the group has to say
[13:35] Ginette Pinazzo: realize many people cant afford or dont want to run Estates so soon....and many start their SL lives on mainland for a that can be their first experience
[13:36] Huntress Catteneo: sometimes LL does
[13:36] Ginette Pinazzo: Broken.,.,great question.....the answer is.........historically, yes....the communication has been great
[13:36] BROKEN Bodenhall: okay
[13:36] Ginette Pinazzo: lately, we have serious communication issues but thats one reason we're together now
[13:36] Innula Zenovka: well, presumably the first experience of many will be the new Adult Welcome Centre, the details of which we wait to hear from LL with great anticipation
[13:36] Huntress Catteneo: current rep is a tad biased
[13:37] Ginette Pinazzo: my responses come even close to addressing your question (I admit its an ongoing debate)
[13:37] Innula Zenovka: we could debate it for ages, but i don't want to derail stuff
[13:37] Ginette Pinazzo: understood
[13:38] Ginette Pinazzo: ok Ive broken things down to 5 'current events'......some of you will know abt them...some wont
[13:38] BROKEN Bodenhall: well if they at least take in consideration thats better then nothin
[13:38] Ginette Pinazzo: 1. Marketing Shift:...
[13:38] Ginette Pinazzo: I wrote this article recently and presented to LL Marketing geniuses:
[13:38] Ginette Pinazzo: After that, it was announced that LL would adopt the principles in this article to (finally) design a proper way to effectively market Adult SL. (read the article: the basics are that LL has been tripping over its 'sex' hangup...and they don't need to...they can just market to Adults, treating them as adults, and don't even need to worry about sex because sexual content is Assumed when you are an adult).. Anyway, I have yet to see any real marketing materials from LL to prove this direction has started, BUT....the shift did result in one important thing already....
[13:38] Raimund DeCuir: (Also down!)
[13:38] Ginette Pinazzo: (I can find a notecard version of that article since Google is annoying today)
[13:39] Ginette Pinazzo: but the overall point is: they MIGHT finally be learning how to market Adult Sl.....
[13:39] BBQBill Odriscoll: LL arguably learns from its mainland experience
[13:39] Ginette Pinazzo: this resulted in number 2:
[13:39] Ginette Pinazzo: 2. Destination Guide.....
[13:39] Raimund DeCuir: Hallelujah!
[13:39] Ginette Pinazzo: With this new 'marketing direction' LL is feeling more confident now about listing Adult-rated lands etc in the Destination Guide. I recommend submitting your place or major event. They only have a few categories now (under Adult content) but they will likely add more categories if they see enough involvement. Being in the DG can really make a big difference in your offworld searchability, by the way. Check the DG's listing guidelines and don't forget the 'get past the sex' principle, as best you can!
[13:39] JeZeBeLe Dagger: Linden labs in the past has marketed the expo in the login of SL by virtue of the SL Blog. We've seen posts that some have said theres a event going on in Zindra by a linden themselves. THose posts are few and far between agreed. They are happening.
[13:40] Ginette Pinazzo: a lot of the issue was marketing just took a little 'shift' to get things happening
[13:40] Ginette Pinazzo: a move away from 'sex' and towards 'adults' as an age group is the answer they are supposedly taking to heart
[13:41] Ginette Pinazzo: Number 3: Zindra Help Vortex
[13:41] Ginette Pinazzo: If you dont know about of the programs we started early in 2011 was the Zindra Help Vortex, the first (as far as I know) Adult sandbox, Mentor center and Outreach center. It's been very successful.....
[13:41] Ginette Pinazzo: We run build workshops and weekly contests (recommended!) and run classes/lectures mostly related to Business topics. It can be a great 'first stop' for many new people to Adult SL, so i do recommend some level of involvement.
[13:41] Ginette Pinazzo: At this moment, LL seems committed to letting us maintain ZHV. They also created 4 'premium-only sandboxes' nearby. (not sure if that's much of help, but hey). By the way, the ZHV is in the DG and gets good promotion.
[13:42] Ginette Pinazzo: BBQ and Huntress are here from ZHV..hello!
[13:42] BBQBill Odriscoll nods.
[13:42] Ginette Pinazzo: (and ZHV is always looking for more give them a holler)
[13:42] JeZeBeLe Dagger: there are other private education groups in SL adult regions that are successful out of the zindra loop
[13:42] Ginette Pinazzo: true, Jeze.....we're talking abt ZEg news at moment....we'll open up for that
[13:43] Ginette Pinazzo: 4. ZEXPO Island....
[13:43] Ginette Pinazzo: (where we are now)
[13:43] Ginette Pinazzo: Another one of our main programs has been the ZEXPO Island Seasonal Events Campaign, which is an open application process for anyone to submit an idea for a large event to take place on the 4-sim island known as ZEXPO island. The program has resulted in a large profile boost for Zindra PR, and a lot of resident attraction and retention (number one purpose)
[13:43] Ginette Pinazzo: So far we hosted Art Maze 2011, and ZEXPO 2011 and were collecting proposals from others for the next event. But that process has been suddenly interrupted.....(as some of you may know)...
[13:43] Ginette Pinazzo: LL has recently threatened to sell off the island to a private organisation. .(as usual, residents work to buildup something and LL seems ready to take it away and then charge them for it)....
[13:43] Ginette Pinazzo: Ive been very outspoken about their process to do this, and condemned it as unethical for various reasons. (I will continue to do so, if their process continues). I have no ill wishes towards any organisation that accepts the offer's terms (though I can't see why they would), but the way LL is doing it, and the fact they are doing it at all is killing the community momentum that's been building. They claim to want organic movements, but I see it as chopping down a rainforest. My hope is that enough see the light to turn the situation around.
[13:44] Ginette Pinazzo: PS - its not because LL wants to sell the land (though that's stupid enough in my opinion)..its the bigger reason that they want to sell it to a commercial interest and will exclusively market that interest as THE main gateway to ALL of Adult SL and Zindra. In other words, whoever would run this island (development details are being kept secret by LL) would be 'representing' all of us. This is a great example of why we need to know whats happening because it affects us.
[13:44] Ginette Pinazzo: (I know this is Hot Topic...please let me finish...almost done anyway)
[13:44] Ginette Pinazzo: 5. ACUG MEETINGS...
[13:44] Ginette Pinazzo: LL has been holding weekly meetings for a long time, usually every Monday at 11AM. First they were Blondin Linden's Office Hours and were about Zindra topics. This is where ZE did most of its proposal work. The meetings were infamous for bad fights, high drama and people quitting constantly. We worked very hard to establish a professional meeting format with an Agenda system, a Chair, and very organised process. Things became very good. .....
[13:45] Ginette Pinazzo: Then the meetings were rebranded as Adult Content User Group (ACUG) and changed focus, adding non-Zindra Adult topics and incorporating people from a dissolved Wednesday meeting. Still worked out well. We managed to get rid of most of the fighting and drama.....
[13:45] Ginette Pinazzo: More recently, Blondin vanished and was ultimately replaced. Now all of the history has been ignored, past projects starting to become erased, and even the meetings themselves being shut down and voices truly have been silenced. Communication is at risk. This is a good reason for us to connect. I could talk forever about how the meetings and user involvement is being destroyed, but I'll stop because I hope you get a sense of things now, at least from my perspective....
[13:45] Ginette Pinazzo: CONCLUSION....
[13:45] Ginette Pinazzo: I feel that, if we at least start to connect now, we can stay strong and make a real difference as things unfold. Too many things happen in the dark and it doesnt have to be that way.
[13:46] Ginette Pinazzo: finally: suggested ACTION ITEMS.....
[13:46] Ginette Pinazzo: 1. Friend each other. Group invites when possible.......
[13:46] Ginette Pinazzo: 2. Network: join some groups...start one!.....
[13:46] Ginette Pinazzo: 3.. Tell us abt your blog, post abt Zindra/Adult SL..... (or start a blog!)
[13:46] Ginette Pinazzo: and finally, 4. Think abt regular meetings w/ ZE
[13:46] Ginette Pinazzo: thats it...I hope this overview was at least interesting
[13:46] Ginette Pinazzo: the floor is open
[13:47] Raimund DeCuir: Very
[13:47] Ginette Pinazzo: if this is even interesting at all, ZE will hold regular meetings to keep dialogue going
[13:47] Starr (starr.bloobury): Customers are not letting me concentrate, Im sorry to have to leave I really wanted to be here :(
[13:47] Ginette Pinazzo: its ok starr....stay connected anyway
[13:47] JeZeBeLe Dagger: i personally do not like the schedule of times for the Official LL meetings I think it segregates the active membership in Adult regions by 11am (their standard time) I've voiced this as a concern because all voices are not heard at that meeting if they can't be there due to working in RL
[13:48] Ginette Pinazzo: I agree Jeze...though ACUG is being threatened to vanish anyway...maybe a moot point unless we provide alternatives
[13:48] JeZeBeLe Dagger: and having a representative often mis represents the agenda item for that meeting. Every single time i have someone voice for me it has been represented out of context.
[13:48] JeZeBeLe Dagger: who said it was vanishing?
[13:49] Aprille Shepherd: who is the Zindra or Adult Linden now?
[13:49] Ginette Pinazzo: well I think LL should have multiple avenues of interaction...the more the better.....meetings are not enough
[13:49] Aprille Shepherd: no one seems to want to touch it
[13:49] Innula Zenovka: Viale Linden, Aprille
[13:49] Ginette Pinazzo: viale linden (and it is he who is cuting the meetings down to every 2 weeks and wants to replace them with a forum, or some such thing)
[13:49] JeZeBeLe Dagger: the aCUG is a basic explanation of the rights of adults in adult content. why is it threatened to leave?
[13:50] Ginette Pinazzo: if you read the ACUG transcripts (I have refused to go to the past few weeks of meetings) will see whats happening
[13:50] Aprille Shepherd: ok
[13:50] Ginette Pinazzo: less agenda items anymore....agenda is ignored anywya...and the meetings are being cut down and talk of removing them is on table now
[13:51] Blacksilk Sorbet raises a hand
[13:51] JeZeBeLe Dagger: ok so ug stands for user group but the adult content controls in the wiki are still intact
[13:51] Ginette Pinazzo: lets put it this way.....last meeting, the only 'agenda' item was viale's....and it was : how can we get more people involved?'
[13:51] Ginette Pinazzo: the acug wiki still exists but its bascially stagnant
[13:51] Ginette Pinazzo: yes Blacksilk?
[13:51] Huntress Catteneo: used last meetings lack of attendance as a reason meeting frequency should be cut, was one prob with that
[13:51] Blacksilk Sorbet: I don't actively run anything at the moment, but I rent out a sim. I am at a 100 USD a month financial disadvantage compared to a sim in Zindra. The non Zindra private estates outnumber the Zindra sims 9 to 1. I may be thick here, but your groups all say Zindra, Zindra this, Zindra that. Why should I further worsen my competetive situation by supporting an intitative that says Zindra is key? It makes no sense to me at all. It is the private estates that need strengthening, not Zindra.
[13:52] Huntress Catteneo: he had meeting at time he said he wouldn't
[13:52] Ginette Pinazzo: you are right Black, I agree.......the theory is that Zindra will point the way towards all of Adult Sl....
[13:52] Ginette Pinazzo: Zindra being a sort of entryway
[13:53] Ginette Pinazzo: ironically, viale has been trying to end a lot of the programns that would accomplish that Black.........its been a struggle past few months
[13:53] BBQBill Odriscoll: And your participation in the group connects you to LL
[13:53] BBQBill Odriscoll: And potentially gets your voice heard
[13:53] Blacksilk Sorbet: Each private estate brings LL 100 USD more per month than a Zindra sim. I somehow fail to see the Linden Labs interest in ending that....
[13:53] Ginette Pinazzo: to be fair, viale has competing philosophy with us...he is trying what he believes is right.....I just dont agree w/ his methods or scheme..I think its backwards
[13:53] Innula Zenovka: but i thought the complaint was that LL was ignoring groups.. or did i misunderstand
[13:54] Ginette Pinazzo: thats the currently growing situation yes Innula....communication is bad
[13:54] BROKEN Bodenhall: sounded like they werent wanting to listen anymore myself
[13:54] Ginette Pinazzo: *bad
[13:54] Ginette Pinazzo: but its not unsolvable
[13:55] Ginette Pinazzo: lets put it this way.....ZE provides, at least, a central coommunication possibility....
[13:55] Ginette Pinazzo: its a potential avenue
[13:55] JeZeBeLe Dagger: pardon me for a moment ill be right back
[13:55] BROKEN Bodenhall: okay someone tell me as myself being part of the bdsm groups how would my involvement help and how would it help me or my sim
[13:55] BROKEN Bodenhall: how is this group gonna benifit BDSM
[13:56] Huntress Catteneo: we are talking all adult, not a parti8cular adult, bdsm is adult
[13:56] Raimund DeCuir: Are we taking BDSM as a part of 'Adult SL', or will that aspect still be swept under the carpet by LL as undesirable?
[13:56] Ginette Pinazzo: it woll increase your chance of knowing what is going on between LL and residents, especially re: Adult SL
[13:57] Ginette Pinazzo: Raimund..I dont think anyone would say BDSM isnt part of Adult and would ever be swept
[13:57] Huntress Catteneo: hell know, most here would have bdsm connection
[13:57] Huntress Catteneo: no
[13:58] Ginette Pinazzo: the new 'marketing shift' if done correctly, will be inclusive and thats the point....more than just abt sex...which is what has been hanging up LL for too long
[13:58] Innula Zenovka: i have to say, Ginette, that i've attended ACUG meetings pretty dutifully since they started, and I've very rarely found out much about what's going on between LL and residents that's been much use to me as a private estate owner or adult content producer
[13:58] Angela Kahealani (celeste.python): BDSM is a matter of permission. BDSM Activities without permission may otherwise be considered crimes. A child is legally incapable of giving consent. Therefore all BDSM is legally forced to be considered "Adult".
[13:58] Ginette Pinazzo: I am sure you are right Innula...thats why I think its time for a change in focus
[13:58] BROKEN Bodenhall: well you know if they dont want it in here they should not have it in here its here... they need to deal with it and stop pushing us aside
[13:58] Raimund DeCuir: It has certainly been my experience that the more 'unordinary' adult activities have largely been ignored and/or denied by the official side of SL over the years - perhaps that is changing (I can only hope so!)
[13:59] Huntress Catteneo: no our ll rep does a lot of "it is in the works" stuff
[13:59] Blacksilk Sorbet: Ginette, you talk about communication and from that the possibility of influence. How would you rate your current ability to influence any decision made by ll?
[13:59] JeZeBeLe Dagger: its becomming better in the educational sector. We are seeing more and more adult discussions and educational events in the SL events listings
[14:00] Ginette Pinazzo: Black, Id say if a process is followed, that is professional and patience is used.......anyone can have that influence
[14:00] BROKEN Bodenhall: and what about us that arent educational
[14:00] JeZeBeLe Dagger: as for arts and culture i think its a great idea to place yoruselves in the destination guide. The only issue people will have there is their real life information being provided. If you already own a sim thats not a issue they have your real life info already
[14:00] BROKEN Bodenhall: are not educational
[14:01] Ginette Pinazzo: Id say the 'influence' has been effective to date, Blacksilk..if thats what you are asking
[14:01] BBQBill Odriscoll: Vortex and ZEXPO help to illustrate that
[14:02] Ginette Pinazzo: and the DG itself
[14:02] Innula Zenovka: what decisions do you say the Zexpo group has influenced recently?
[14:02] JeZeBeLe Dagger: the destination guide has opened to adult regions recently and has some great areas that are posted as destinations Broken. I think thats a good resource considering its part of the login of SL marketplace and SL webpage
[14:02] Blacksilk Sorbet: Still the most important desision - the adult hub one - seems to be taken against your will?
[14:02] BROKEN Bodenhall: and just how has this influence been effective ..what decisions have been made because of this groups input
[14:02] Huntress Catteneo: ll is all about business these days, pulling in the money, non educational pulls in money
[14:02] Ginette Pinazzo: blacksilk...whether thats the 'most important decision' has yet to be determined
[14:03] BROKEN Bodenhall: welli guess my 350.00 a month dont mean much
[14:03] Aprille Shepherd: I think the problem with marketing Zindra or even Adult to the masses is that is like marketing "Europe" as a destination. "Amsterdam" is a Destination - not europe. It is hard for Euopean countires to agree on whether fruit should cross borders - how can we expect to be organized here?
[14:03] Ginette Pinazzo: ZE has been a very effective resource and still is, whether it makes headlines or not
[14:03] Ginette Pinazzo: I agree Aprille....Zindra/Adult are not communities per so...they are more like 'nations'
[14:04] JeZeBeLe Dagger: or outsourcing Huntress. Over time they have stopped paying members to teach and to volunteer. Linden Labs used to pay educators Outsourcing creates less of a budget payout and creates a positive income for Linden Labs speaking of business minded.
[14:04] Blacksilk Sorbet: Now you are confusing me Ginette. You say that Viale Linden and you are in opposition. You say that the hub is not important. Question: What IS important?
[14:04] BROKEN Bodenhall: well i dont see where my group or myself even get anything out of this group we are non profit and not educational
[14:05] Ginette Pinazzo: this group is abt central communication re: Zindra and Adult Sl...and that will likely become moreso as time goes on.....not just educational or nonprofit issues
[14:05] BBQBill Odriscoll: Broken, it is a shared communication channel with others who share at least some of your interests
[14:05] Huntress Catteneo: broken, you are still money in LL eyes, so always usful as part of collective voice
[14:05] Ginette Pinazzo: Black..I will be happy to address these points.....
[14:06] JeZeBeLe Dagger: theres residents to consider too. People are in the adult grids as home owners too.
[14:06] Innula Zenovka: communication with whom, though, Ginette, is, i think, the question...
[14:06] Ginette Pinazzo: just because viale and I argue abt issues, doesnt mean progress cant occur...debate is normal to reach consensus
[14:06] BBQBill Odriscoll: Yes- Working together can improve your influence with LL
[14:07] Ginette Pinazzo: Innula...communication with whoever want to join us, at least (the quick answer)......but dont forget...I just want to start the dialogue here....this is a very open idea
[14:07] BROKEN Bodenhall: adult sims are already discriminated against i dont see much of that ever changing
[14:07] Ginette Pinazzo: a lot can change...a lot HAS chznged
[14:07] Ginette Pinazzo: BB is right.......cooperation creates more influence
[14:07] BROKEN Bodenhall: what has changed to benifit the bdsm community
[14:08] Huntress Catteneo: event listings
[14:08] Innula Zenovka: yeah, i agree with Huntress about event listings and the destination guide
[14:08] Ginette Pinazzo: broken..the entire marketing shift I mentioned will benefit you, and all of its ripple effects
[14:08] BROKEN Bodenhall: i cant even advertize my place in my profile as being adult
[14:08] Huntress Catteneo: encouragement for people to jump straight to adult area
[14:09] Angela Kahealani (celeste.python): Keep intending the freedom of expression you seek to live, and defending your right to live it as an adult... what else is there? and why does that not apply to virtual worlds like SL? Well, one answer is that this is not OpenGrid/OpenSim... this is LindenLand
[14:09] Ginette Pinazzo: Broklen..the real point is: if you are disatisfied (and I dont blame you!).....joining with us can only certainly cant hurt
[14:09] Aprille Shepherd: Remember, Linden signs up 15,000 people each day (arguably)
[14:09] BBQBill Odriscoll: Broken, Huntress is also right- you represent $$ to LL. You working with others can carry weight
[14:09] Aprille Shepherd: how do we get our faces / places in front of those 15,000
[14:09] BBQBill Odriscoll: Get issues on the table
[14:09] Ginette Pinazzo: fabulous way to put it Aprille (remember that line!)
[14:09] Ginette Pinazzo: we can turn ALL of this around
[14:10] Ginette Pinazzo: the problem is that people become disillusioned..and separated....LL will respond to unified voices
[14:10] Zena Zemlja: (sent you all friendship offer and invite to two of my groups, like Ginette suggested, be welcome all :))
[14:10] Ginette Pinazzo: thanks Zena
[14:10] JeZeBeLe Dagger: I think we need more voices
[14:10] Angela Kahealani (celeste.python): eeek? we need more than 42 groups!
[14:11] Ginette Pinazzo: haha
[14:11] JeZeBeLe Dagger: and more networks and mroe leadership
[14:11] Huntress Catteneo: lol I am on V1, in theory I am still stuck with 25
[14:11] Ginette Pinazzo: let me give example: I bet if enough of us said to viale.....DONT cancel the ACUG....we WANT more opportunity for Estate Owners to have voices...he would reverse his direction fast....he just doesnt hear that sentiment
[14:12] JeZeBeLe Dagger: thats the truth. I think that the current leadership needs more leaders thats how I feel. Not that I'm volunteering because I'm not. Having multiple organizations can only prove there are more than meets the eye. Especially if the groups are co productive.
[14:12] Ginette Pinazzo: ( groups are maxxed...will join later)
[14:12] Zena Zemlja: (if I forgot anyone, please IM me)
[14:12] BROKEN Bodenhall: all i know is i pay alot for my land... and i most of the time cant even advertize and all i am is a hang out no commercial at all its all out of my pocket for people to come and play and have fun.... and because i dont have educational events etc... i cant advertize that i am here... that is why i am here .... just because i am adult doesnt mean that i shouldnt have a place to advertize like the rest of the hang out places on pg and mature sims
[14:12] Innula Zenovka: but he's not cancelling the ACUG, or he hasn't said that.. he has said he wants a more asynchronous discussion in the new adult forums...
[14:12] Ginette Pinazzo: are you in th DG yet Broken?
[14:13] JeZeBeLe Dagger: Broken I dont believe that to be fully the case, I see adult advertising in the events section and SL search. THey are restricted yet they still exist.
[14:13] Ginette Pinazzo: hi Barbie
[14:13] BROKEN Bodenhall: only time i can post there is in my club
[14:13] Innula Zenovka: and, to be honest, i can't think of much -- as a sim owner -- i want to ask Viale about in ACUG groups.. i've got other avenues for my concerns as a private estate owner
[14:13] Kandi Luminos: The DG is another sore spot... out of 2095 destinations, only 28 are adult... and none show up by default... you need to dig down and actually search for them
[14:13] BROKEN Bodenhall: when i have a live dj
[14:13] BROKEN Bodenhall: and a host
[14:14] Ginette Pinazzo: youre right Innula.....the ACUG has become quite useless....but thats because the agenda has dried needs to be rewatered
[14:14] BROKEN Bodenhall: and DG i dont know what that is
[14:14] BBQBill Odriscoll: Help us get the issues on the table
[14:14] BBQBill Odriscoll: Hello Barbie
[14:14] Kandi Luminos: DG=Destination Guide
[14:14] Huntress Catteneo: at this point DG is still limited to those that word things right so it is approved
[14:14] Ginette Pinazzo: BBQ....woudl you terribly mind sending ZE group invites?
[14:15] Barbie (barbies4151): Hello
[14:15] BROKEN Bodenhall: were in search i think that sit
[14:15] BBQBill Odriscoll: No
[14:15] BROKEN Bodenhall: that is it
[14:15] Ginette Pinazzo: yes you must word things right in DG...thats part of the new Marketing Shift
[14:15] JeZeBeLe Dagger: i am currently logged onto the search and in all catagories there are 8 logos of paid advertising for adult groups.
[14:15] BROKEN Bodenhall: but the thing is how much are they charging for this
[14:15] JeZeBeLe Dagger: top paid classifides
[14:16] Ginette Pinazzo: anyone who wants to join ZE, please can always leave least to see if continuing dialgue helps
[14:16] BROKEN Bodenhall: thing is for the adult paid
[14:16] BROKEN Bodenhall: adds
[14:16] Angela Kahealani (celeste.python): how join ZE?
[14:16] Aprille Shepherd: yes, big bucks
[14:16] BROKEN Bodenhall: small not profit place like mine no way
[14:16] Ginette Pinazzo: DG is free, though
[14:16] Angela Kahealani (celeste.python): thanks
[14:16] BROKEN Bodenhall: i work over 40 hours a week djing to pay for my place
[14:16] Innula Zenovka:
[14:16] JeZeBeLe Dagger: im a non profit i intend to be in the Arts and Culture destination guide and thats free Broken
[14:18] Ginette Pinazzo: ( groups are glitched right now...will join later)
[14:18] Black (blackcrow6667.garmes): cool :) just created it now
[14:18] Huntress Catteneo: Broken you are not alone in cost issues, I and my friend are on disability benefits, it is all out of our pockets as well
[14:18] JeZeBeLe Dagger: If its free and you provide real life information and have to notify them when that info changes. Thats the only expectation in the tos thats real life in regards to providing information then. hey go for it.
[14:18] Ginette Pinazzo: well I hope this concurrence today made some difference....please friend me...or join ZE....or we can stay in touch...I am very happy to see this convergence
[14:19] Ginette Pinazzo: and dont time goes on...we may have MORE and BETTER cross link opportunities for can all happen if we stay together
[14:19] Lady Jade (bluejade.yip): well this has been vert interesting but i must depart thankyou for your company all:)
[14:19] Ginette Pinazzo: Jeze...will you be in Sunday's Speedbuild contest?
[14:19] Ginette Pinazzo: thanks Blue
[14:20] JeZeBeLe Dagger: no i have to priestess the gnostic mass written by Aliester Crowley at 7pm
[14:20] Lady Jade (bluejade.yip): ok bye all:)
[14:20] Aprille Shepherd: thank you Ginette - well done.
[14:20] Ginette Pinazzo: and I want to say, both BBQ and Huntress happen to be SUPER active in ZE...feel free to pester them with questions anytime too...haha
[14:20] Zena Zemlja: by Jade ㋡
[14:20] Zena Zemlja: bye*
[14:20] Ginette Pinazzo: thanks Aprille
[14:21] Aprille Shepherd: ;))
[14:21] Huntress Catteneo: grrrr
[14:21] BROKEN Bodenhall: well thank you for having me
[14:21] Ginette Pinazzo: ( group join is glitched at moment)
[14:22] Ginette Pinazzo: thanks Broken........please stay in touch......we can make miracles happen if we do)
[14:22] BBQBill Odriscoll: Many of you should just have received invitations
[14:22] Huntress Catteneo: I have to swap to diff viewer
[14:22] Ginette Pinazzo: I know..I do so much marketing I have to keep changing group memberships each week..its horrible
[14:22] BBQBill Odriscoll: Let me know if you did not
[14:22] JeZeBeLe Dagger: i sent out invite to gatherings and zindra events
[14:22] BROKEN Bodenhall: you all have a wonderful weekend
[14:22] Kandi Luminos: (I need more than 42 groups too)
[14:22] Ginette Pinazzo: Barbie..I know you arrived later...any comments/questions?
[14:22] JeZeBeLe Dagger: small group intended to grow on the consciousness of beehive networking
[14:23] Ginette Pinazzo: thansk Jeze.....can you tell me more abt that group someday soon? Id love to hear abt it
[14:23] JeZeBeLe Dagger: its like aces
[14:23] Blacksilk Sorbet: I am so sorry, I am more confused than ever. I quite frankly don't see what this can add for me as a private estate owner. There is communication and there is effective communication. The first creates noise. The second creates change. I am not convinced this group will create the later. And then I get invited into a group that has a group charter to promote Zindra. I need to think this through.
[14:23] JeZeBeLe Dagger: but about events rather than education only
[14:23] Ginette Pinazzo: its ok Black......there is no rush...we can talk abt it another time
[14:24] Ginette Pinazzo: ZE has a stong historical record.....and I believe it can be even stronger going forward
[14:24] Aprille Shepherd: just good networking
[14:24] Ginette Pinazzo: all networking helps
[14:24] JeZeBeLe Dagger: i agree
[14:24] BBQBill Odriscoll: Agreed Aprille
[14:25] Ginette Pinazzo: believe me, I work with femdom networks...and if those groups can co-exist, anything is possible
[14:25] Aprille Shepherd: a place of friends to ask for advice
[14:25] Blacksilk Sorbet: I may be cynical, but I came here to get an answer to a simple question: What's in it for ME. I have no answers at all, just a lot of maybe.
[14:25] Aprille Shepherd: hahah
[14:25] JeZeBeLe Dagger: you will provide a transcript of todays meeting to the group GInette?
[14:25] Blacksilk Sorbet: OK, thanks for the invitation.
[14:25] Ginette Pinazzo: Black....I thought we gave you the answer, already...but will be happy to explain it better again
[14:26] Ginette Pinazzo: sure Jeze...can I clean up typos first etc?
[14:26] JeZeBeLe Dagger: if thats your concern yes. If its to delete information and comments no.
[14:26] Ginette Pinazzo: hahah ok
[14:26] JeZeBeLe Dagger: if its about what the content we discussed is about yes if its to doctor what we say no. Thats misrepresentation.
[14:26] Ginette Pinazzo: (just to delete the non-convo noise)
[14:27] Aprille Shepherd: Ok gang...I am off...let me know if anyone has any questions - Kisses xoxoxoxoxoxox
[14:27] Ginette Pinazzo: ciao Aprille
[14:27] Huntress Catteneo: yeah like who is on and off line lol
[14:27] Zena Zemlja: bye Aprille ㋡
[14:27] Blacksilk Sorbet: I will re-read the transcripts to see what I am missing. Must be something essential.
[14:27] Innula Zenovka: i'll send you my copy, JeZeBeLe .. i have notifications turned off
[14:27] Aprille Shepherd: xoxoxox
[14:27] Ginette Pinazzo: right and thinsg like 'BBQBill enters room and thumbs his nose at everyone'...that gets deleted
[14:27] Raimund DeCuir: Bye Aprille :)
[14:27] BBQBill Odriscoll: lol
[14:27] Blacksilk Sorbet: Bye for now.
[14:27] JeZeBeLe Dagger: Thats how Aces works too Ginette. 20 diverse sims in the network and they are all pretty successful being off the grid as private groups.
[14:27] Ginette Pinazzo: thanks Innula...if you have that, that woudld be great..Ill post it too
[14:28] JeZeBeLe Dagger: Thanks innula
[14:28] BBQBill Odriscoll: TC Blacksilk
[14:28] Innula Zenovka: Bye for now, Blacksilk
[14:28] Huntress Catteneo: many art sims work together
[14:28] Ginette Pinazzo: this is great! almost everyone talked!
[14:28] Raimund DeCuir: I should leave too - work in the morning - horrendous - thank you for an interesting discussion
[14:28] Kandi Luminos: Take care all..
[14:28] Ginette Pinazzo: ok Raimund..welcome back to SL
[14:28] BBQBill Odriscoll: TC Raimund
[14:28] Tinika Jakob: ok, sorry I didn't contribute much but it has been enlightening. thanks everyone

presented by Zindra Expo Group

Friday, October 21, 2011

Adult Estate Owners in Second Life Connecting with Zindra Expo Group: Early Dialogue

Open Invite to Estate Owners: SAT Meeting....
We are having a special meeting SAT OCT 22 1PM, hosted by the Zindra Expo group, for all Adult Estate owners in SL. (and Adult Mainland (Zindra) residents may attend too!) The meeting's main purpose: to connect with Estate Owners because Zindra residents have had a voice, but Estate Owners are often left out of developments (even things that happen on Zindra affect them!). We'd love to see Estate Owners become part of the process! Please IM or NC Ginette Pinazzo.
Teleport to the meeting location here

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Is the Zindra Help Vortex Getting Evil? See These Photos!

A new gallery of photos for the recent Sexy Sundays Speedbuild Contest! (this week's theme was: Evil) The Speedbuild contest happens every week at the Zindra Help Vortex and is open to all skill levels. Zindra Help Vortex is the first public sandbox and mentor center on Zindra, Second Life's adult mainland!
See the Evil Photos Now!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Zindra Newsletter: October 2011: Developments and Opportunities for the Adult Mainland and Adult Second Life presented by Zindra Expo group

We have a very simple newsletter with some of the latest news and opportunities on Zindra and Adult SL. It's available at the Zindra Help Vortex landing point (from the newsletter kiosk) plus given out by the various Zindra Ambassadors across the mainland. It's a 'first step' to get the word out! Visit the Vortex for copy, or visit the Zindra Help Vortex website for the October 2011 newsletter.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beautiful Photos of ZEXPO 2011 by Silvanus Northman: Zindra mainland looks pretty in Second Life!

An amazing gallery of photos by Silvanus Northman, showing ZEXPO 2011 after most had moved in. The gallery is hosted on Zada Bury's Zindra Photostream blog. Highly recommended!Thanks, Silva!
See the photos of ZEXPO 2011 here

Monday, October 10, 2011

Cute and Cuddly: Photos from the Zindra Help Vortex: Sexy Sundays Speedbuild Contest in Second Life

We've posted some galleries if new photos for the ongoing Sexy Sundays Speedbuild Contest! (this week's theme was: Cute and Cuddly) The Speedbuild contest happens every week at the Zindra Help Vortex and is open to all skill levels. Zindra Help Vortex is the first public sandbox and mentor center on Zindra, Second Life's adult mainland!
Check out the Speedbuild Contest photos now!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thanks To NicoleX Moonwall: Machinima Artist at ZEXPO 2011

We want to give a special thank you to one of Second Life's greatest machinima artists and filmmakers, NicoleX Moonwall, who created some wonderful 'aerial sweeps' of the Zexpo build.
See NicoleX Moonwall's ZEXPO videos here

Monday, October 3, 2011

Zindra Expo group: residents working together to benefit promote and develop the adult mainland of Zindra in Second Life

The Zindra Expo group was originally created by LL (Linden Lab) to be an effective and fair organisation to develop, plan and produce major marketing efforts that would benefit and promote Zindra, Being a LL group, the standard of ZE projects are that they are not tied to individual companies or resident-run groups and are therefore more neutral and inclusive, working for a common good of Second Life's adult mainland. The group has evolved to originate and nurture many exciting projects, many of which are large events, but also many inter-related programs that help to attract (through inworld and offworld drives) new talent and resources to Zindra and by extension, all of Adult Second Life.
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