Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ZEXPO 2011: Author Pamala Clift Speaks on Virtual Relationships

Author Pamala Clift will present a series of talks entitled 'The Realities of Virtual Relationships'. There will be Slides, talk & an open discussion afterwards. Pamala is one of our noted celebrity guests at ZEXPO, and she is well known for her published works, such as: 'The Virgins Handbook on Virtual Relations' as well as her company The Virtual Handhold, LLC, a RL company that does Human/Computer Mediated psychology for technology transistion for business, education and interpersonal understanding & transistions.
Pamala also runs an SL group, The Roadside Philosophers (who will also be present at the show). To quote Pamala,:
The Roadside Philosophers are a first person philosophical brainstorming group sharing ideas and perspectives using the virtual world as a metaphor in our search for truth.
We look forward to Pamala's contributions to ZEXPO!

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