Saturday, April 28, 2012

GFAC 2012: Spotlight on MiMi's Choice

One of the many Second Life Groups represented at GFAC 2012 (Groups For Adult Communities) : MIMI's Choice Group


Collecting the best brands in SL, for ladies and gentlemen.
Besides that me or my staff can give you advice, help you with a make over too. 

At Mimi's Choice you can find casual and formal outfits, shoes, boots, hair, glasses, etc from the best designers , like Gabriel, DE Designs, Alphamale, Gizza, SF Design, Utopia, Vitamen, Jeepers Creepers shoes, Kalnins shoes, Kal Rau, Sartoria, Bad@zz hair and shapes, Hoorenbeek, Noon shapes, Diram, Tres Beau, Ala Folie, Prism, Vanity hair, Lollipopz hair, W&Y hair, LoQ hair, Kitties Lair, Xanadu, N-core shoes, MEB, Anubis Style, Orage Creations, Jador, Vista ao's, GBTM watches and boats etc.

Group Link: MIMI's Choice
Main Contact: Mimi Juneau
Teleport to GFAC now

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