Thursday, April 26, 2012

GFAC 2012: Spotlight On Firefly Companions Guild

One of the many Second Life Groups represented at GFAC 2012 (Groups For Adult Communities) : Firefly Companion's Guild


The Companion's Guild in SL is a loving community based on a Guild of space travelling Courtesan/Geisha in the SciFi series Firefly by Joss Whedon.

We offer open classes and a public park with the aim of increasing everyone's enjoyment of SL.

Continuing from this into Companion roleplay we follow through a series of training which explores the various aspects of Second Life which we will encounter and use as a Companion when we graduate.

Why train as a Companion?

Firstly, to join a group of polyamorous people who enjoy caring for and setting aside time for others in SL. The virtual world is a random place and for some it is hard to find somewhere they can call home. We would wish for the Guild to be a cozy and supportive home, a lush planet people would wish to touch down on - for our clients and for our students. Moreover people who love need loving, so we encourage being there for each other.

Secondly to learn about SL or to pick up a skill we havent explored yet. Our students vary in experience and abilities. Companions network throughout the 'Verse and so to prepare for just that we pool our abilities and awarenesses during training.

Thirdly to meet some really great people. We are approached by various people needing help and support in SL and as such our Companions are provded with many various opportunities. From dating to training others... from performing to networking.. our Companions are out there getting the best out of their Second Lives.

Some things we study; Making Clothes, Building, Dance, Conversation, Games, Roleplay, First Aid, Meditation, Personal Development, .....   Feel free to come and join us as we explore SL and how it reflects who we are.

Group Link: The Firefly Companions Guild
Main Contact: Varahi Lusch


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