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GFAC 2012: Spotlight On: A.C.E.S. Adult Community Education Society Group

ABOUT ACES: Adult Community Education Society GROUP

The Adult Community Education Society exists to provide and promote learning opportunities for everyone, regardless of sexual identity, race, species, or lifestyle. We build support systems, provide resources, encourage respect, networking, empowerment, and growth regardless of SIM or group affiliation.

As of now, A.C.E.S. collaborates with over 20 SIMs, hosts 20-60 learning opportunities per week hosted by over 40 passionate individuals all across Second Life. We are over 1400 members and growing!

A.C.E.S. seeks to expand and enhance knowledge, appreciation, and respect for the Adult (18+) Community in Second Life. We accomplish this by sharing our own knowledge and enthusiasm with those who are honestly and respectfully seeking the same. A.C.E.S. promotes leadership and participation in opportunities such as lectures, presentations, various art forms, munches, or discussions in SL focused on learning.

 type in the SL search "Adult Community Education Society" to find our group and join. All members of A.C.E.S. also have the ability to invite new members, so we ask that our members help invite individuals to A.C.E.S. so that they too may benefit and help us continue to build positive support systems in the SL Adult Community.

A.C.E.S. seeks to build a better quality SL ADULT Community!

For posting rights and general group information, please contact JeZeBeLe Dagger or Jovial Denimore.

Group Link: ACES
Main Contacts: JeZeBeLe Dagger & Jovial Denimore

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FACTOIDS ABOUT ACES: Adult Community Education Society GROUP
Who are we?The membership itself are individuals who are leaders, SIM owners, educators, facilitators, mentors, members, and aspiring individuals interested in what we have going on. Some of our  membership also lead these types of events in the real world. Learning is our passion and we seek to share that passion with anyone we can. We believe life is enriched when we grow.

What ethics do you uphold?
√  Honor:
We honor everyone's unique signature in their chosen lifestyle. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated. A.C.E.S. will directly address issues that relate to abuse to the best of the group's abilities.
There are bound to be old friends and new comers alike within this group. Diversity is the norm. Please be respectful and use common sense. If you wish to network or socialize with someone outside the group, and we hope you do, please make sure it is welcomed first. This is a meeting/networking/and learning space. There is absolutely no obligation to make friends or hangout with someone you do not feel comfortable with. Drama is not tolerated.

√  Enthusiasm:
We hold true to ourselves the enthusiasm and passion to better enrich our personal lives and the lives of others. We accomplish this by offering diversity, learning resources, and community support systems.

√  Network:
We provide a space for groups not affiliated, or those who are actively collaborating with each other, to broadcast their learning opportunities with individuals from all walks of life. We do not charge for membership. Facilitators, instructors, mentors, teachers, SIM owners, or coordinators of events that relate to learning can request to be added as people with the ability to send group notifications/IMs for their events. We are open for discussions, suggestions, sharing ideas about empowerment, mutual collaboration, and supporting learning at large.

√  Safety:
The A.C.E.S. building will be a safe zone at all times. Any drama, or abuse will not be tolerated. Those directly involved with an incident will be contacted as soon as possible for remedy. We provide equal opportunity for everyone involved.
A.C.E.S. promotes learning whether it is the BDSM Lifestyle, building, scripting, relationships, various art forms, or any other subject that promotes learning and enhancement in the SL Community.
Everyone who comes into SL can chose to experience SL how they want. Some people make it good and some make it bad. It is up to the individuals to decide for themselves. A.C.E.S.'s goal is to offer a variety of resources, to offer a variety of educational styles, and a diverse support system, so that people are empowered to make informed and responsible choices that are best for them. Each person must be responsible for themselves, we are after all ADULTS.

-General etiquette:

Within A.C.E.S. Network on-going events, there are bound to be old friends and newcomers alike at every meeting. Diversity is the norm. Please be respectful and use common sense. If you wish to network or socialize with someone outside the gatherings (we hope you do!), make sure it is welcomed first. A.C.E.S. encourages and promotes diversity but there is no obligation to become friends or hang out with someone (or in any SIM) you do not feel comfortable with.
About the SIMs within the A.C.E.S. Network: Your SIM will function independently- A.C.E.S. is not a governing body over other SIMs. We provide a network for the Adult (18+) Community in SL. However, we do expect those who are part of the network to be civil, supportive of each other, attempt to handle personal conflict well, set a good example for others, and to welcome all members who are interested in learning. In special circumstances, A.C.E.S. owners do offer mediation to SIM owners/educators/facilitators/mentors/members.

Any concerns can be brought to ACES owners JeZeBeLe Dagger or Jovial Denimore through IM or notecard. We will respond as soon as possible.
We deeply appreciate all of the SIMs, SIM owners, educators, facilitators, mentors, and members for your continued support and passion for learning and growing. Please feel free to contact JeZeBeLe Dagger, Jovial Denimore with ideas for learning opportunities and things you feel could help enhance our group and our community.

Those who have the ability to post notices: A.C.E.S. is a group for promoting events with learning opportunities only. Post notices related only to these events. Do not post or issue IM's about dances, parties, MM boards, sales (item or real estate, etc.), auctions, or anything else that is not related to learning in this group. If you have any doubts, please contact JeZeBeLe Dagger, Jovial Denimore or Rory Glenwalker for clarification.

The ownership of A.C.E.S. is not responsible for the content provided by its membership- each SIM functions independently of A.C.E.S., we are not a governing body of any SIM. However, A.C.E.S. supports only consensual BDSM/Kink/Fetish/Alt. Lifestyles. Anyone who is deemed to be giving information by way of lectures, classes, workshops, munches, or discussion groups, anything that promotes abuse, non-consensual activities, neglect, etc., may have their right to post events revoked and/or be ejected and banned from group. BDSM/Kink/Fetish/Poly/Swinging/etc. are of equal partnerships between consenting adults for the benefit of everyone involved. These lifestyle have great responsibilities that everyone (subs/slaves/Dominants, etc, etc, etc.) are expected to understand and practice. Everyone, regardless of the self-given title, Mistress/slave/Master/submissive/pet/Top/bottom/fetishist/furry, etc, etc, must treat each other with a high regard toward respect and tolerance at all times.

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