Friday, September 9, 2011

Zindra Expo Group and a Zindra Welcome Complex: Future Vision?

In 'honour' of Linden Lab's recent scheme to transform the ZEXPO Island area into a place that condenses the '4 Corners of Zindra' project into one, centralized hub for events, information and more, here is a vision of how this might look should Zindra Expo group manage such a complex.


1. The main island itself would remain for large seasonal events, continuing to provide the much-needed mass marketing efforts, that result in serious attraction and retention.
2. Across the water in Distrel would be a corner used for the 'Promenade', for medium sized events/exhibition designed to attract and retain specific niche markets with more frequency.
3. Across the water in Girenzi would be the 'QuickStart' welcome center, with the basic information about Zindra and Adult SL. The center would direct to the rest of the Complex but also direct to mainland Zindra in general and Adult SL in general. As with the original Podyan plan, effort would be made to research if this parcel could be rated Moderate to be more effective.
4. Small Admin facility
5. Terrain editing might be needed to accomodate, but an area much like the Zindra Help Vortex might also be added, (sandbox, mentors, outreach) between the Promenade and the Quickstart center.

While 'squeezing' the 4 Corners program into this space might be a challenge, I find that the centralization benefit could offset the detriments. From this Complex, the team could also initiate and manage many Zindra (and Adult SL) programs, such as the Bloggers Resource Program, Flickr Slideshow Program, various Brainstorming initiatives and much much more.

More about the vision for a Zindra Welcome Complex

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