Saturday, September 3, 2011

ZEXPO 2011: Thanks to a great team that ran Zindra Expo

A large event event like ZEXPO 2011 is simply not possible without the efforts, creativity and commitment of a great team of talented individuals. Here are some of our fantastic leaders (in no particular order):
Huntress Catteneo
Huntress initially developed the Zindra Help Vortex's Sexy Speedbuild Galley presence at ZEXPO, and continued to do so much more, coordinating many of the show's aspects/
Temperance Hax
Tempy ran the Forbidden Floats contest and organized that entire aspect of show, then coordinated with SL groups to bring in an incredible amount of amusement rides and carnival games. So much of the 'carnival' element was aresult of Tempy's influence!
Silvanus Northman
Silvanus became our Quality Control Committee, helping with everything from fixing designs problems to helping exhibitors find locations. His tireless work was very inspirational as he sought to make each and every visitor's experience better.
Bady Boozehound
Bady was our strict by loving pre-screener, who took great care to investigate each exhibitor registration and ensure good quality applications. Bady worked well to develop the pre-screener process and made the lead-up time to ZEXPO far more plesant as a result.
Zada Bury
When Zada signed as leader of Photography Committee, it really only meant she had to make sure things were photographed (regardless of who did the work), but she she did SO much photo work herself! In fact, Zada became inspired and started a new photo blog all about Zindra! A real success story!
Kim Rongyu
Kim hosted our Business Networking element at ZEXPO 2011 which added a face to our plans to bring businesses together and promote inter-business growth.

Lapiscean Liberty
Lapiscean (from Aview TV) spent untold hours preparing a 24/7 video stream for ZEXPO and became more involved in the show's planning and production as it progressed, as well as active in Zindra affairs in general. While not an official ZEXPO team member at first, LAP is now being included whether he knows it or not!
Dancer Greenfield
DJ, musicologist and film trivia guru Dancer Greenfield compiled the radio commercials for this year's ZEXPO music stream and created the 24/7 audio content for the show. Thank you Dancer for all of your commitment!
Fuschia Nightfire
Filmmaker and artist Fuschia Nightfire screened countless submissions to create a playlist for our 24/7 machinima presentation.
BBQBill Odriscoll
Bill, who is always active and engaged in Zindra affairs, consistently helps out with projects and his assistance and support during ZEXPO's early planning days are very noted.
Hypatia Meili
Finally, our list ends (for now!) with a great contributor who added so much to the show with new ideas and content. Hypatia's energy and enthusiasm brought a great amount of excitement to ZEXPO 2011.

Thanks to all who supported and worked hard to bring ZEXPO 2011 to reality. Please anticipate more recognition in the days to come.

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