Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ZEXPO 2011: Sledge Roffo's Here Comes The Sun exhibit and show

We are very excited to be featuring an incredible installation by artist Sledge Roffo at ZEXPO 2011. "Here Comes the Sun" is an interactive installation that will be on permanent display AND will also be the center of a live performance (see ZEXPO Event Schedule for days and times). You will NOT want to miss this!


Created for Burn2 2010, this is a condensed version - 100 prims by Sledge Roffo
Sounds and Music: Soundsmith Kamachi
Building Textures and other Support: Jewel MacMoragh
photo by Honour McMillan

"Here Comes the Sun" represents hope and indistinct harmony in the city. The art deco theme of the Metropolis, the sunburst, and the joy that Second Life provides us, was the inspiration. The work is interactive. Touch the round tip of each burst and emit sounds. Touch the rooftops of the four significant buildings and choose colors to display your personal atmosphere for the city. Listen to the sounds - turn off streams and media to experience the sounds of the city.

This Exhibit/Show is Best viewed at Midnight.

ZEXPO 2011 Main Entrance

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