Sunday, August 14, 2011

ZEXPO 2011: Photos by Zada Bury

Head of the ZEXPO 2011 Photography Committee, Zada Bury, has been creating some stellar shots from the various ZEXPO Pre-Parties. Check them out in Zada's evolving Flickr series!
See Zada's ZEXPO photos!


  1. Full Stream:

    Actual Main-Photo of the PreParties:

    Party at "Crimson Nights", August 14:
    Ivy Kitten (ivykitten.farslider) - 1 square, 1 2:1

    Party at "WaterSoul", August 13:
    meself, square
    meself, square ... more subtile

    To be continued ...

  2. Oh ... I've forgotten some not "safe"-rated ones:

    Party at "Bady's Wonderland", August 13:
    (portrait, actually not finish in edit)
    (landscape, actually not finish in edit)

    Party at "WaterSoul", August 13:
    Gill and meself, square