Friday, June 17, 2011

Zindra Expo Group: Overview Plan

proposal by Ginette Pinazzo

(see proposal also here)

1. Continue to develop the 4 Corners of Zindra, putting small teams (3 people) in charge of each of the 4 Corners. (such as Vortex has now) This takes a LONG TIME because finding the right mix of reliable, responsible and mature people should not be rushed!
- Vortex has already started
- Zindra Promenade team will likely be next
- ZEXPO Island perhaps after that.....
- Zindra Quickstart perhaps last....
As these areas are begun and developed, the managing teams will slowly take over more responsibilities and will strongly connect with Zindra Expo to ensure long-term plans are kept.

2. Zindra Expo group remains the LL group that functions to weave the 4 corners together, providing central communication, nurturing growth, and ensuring a big-picture marketing plan. ZE is owned by LL, but should have a Zindra Director of Projects as a co-owner or Officer to help direct the overall developments.

3. ZE will also propose and develop additional projects to assist in the promotion and growth of Zindra, as long as those projects maintain a tradition of neutrality and inclusive opportunity, and have an emphasis on affecting Zindra's overall PR and growth, and that a good case of impact can be argued. Proposals for such projects will be made to LL as they have been done in the past.

While ZE will remain the official LL-owned group, special initiatives will be proposed to help seed and inspire many other resident-run groups that can help grow the business and community of Zindra. As with all ZE initiatives, the real point of these proposals will be to inspire.

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