Sunday, June 19, 2011

ZEXPO 2011: Sculpture Takes Shape at ZEXPO

WE're excited to have some great artists present at ZEXPO 2011, with amazing 3D talent on display!
First, Really Scrabblebat (from Really's) creates some fantastic animals and we will be featuring his sea creatures ina special Sailing game, a Sea Creature Hunt!,,,
Then, renowned artist Ub Yifu (from Sky Sculptures Gallery) will be unveiling a special piece, create just for ZEXPO. (many of you hopefully caught his installation at Art Maze, earlier this year!),,,
Then, Harter Fall will dazzle you with his optical illusion sculptures, scattered throughought the fairgrounds....can you find them all?.....
This year we bring you more of the arts at all their 3D wonder!

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