Friday, September 28, 2012

Ride through Zindra: Kalanite Bluestar's custom designed Art Pods arrive on adult mainland

The results of our custom design art pod contest are in and Kalanite Bluestar is the winner!

What are the Art Pods?
Small 2-person 'chariots' that provide a fun sight-filled way to tour the Second Life adult mainland of Zindra. The pods leave from Zindra Expo Group's community meeting center and Pod Hub located in Bronlen.

Recently we had a special contest open to designers to create a custom version of the popular Pods.  Kalanite Bluestar created this Zindra-inspired motif and now you can see the custom cars (and ride them!)

Teleport to the Zindra Pod Hub

Read more about Zindra, the Adult Mainland of Second Life

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