Saturday, January 21, 2012

Zindra Expo Group: New Direction for 2012: Get Involved and Grow Zindra, Adult SL

2012 is going to be a year of change. This is a special post for all the members of the Zindra Expo group (you know who you are). To date, ZE has made significant changes for the adult mainland and for Adult SL in general. It's been almost a 2 year journey. (read about some of these developments here) The current LL administration is in the process of transferring ownership of its own group to us, the residents of SL.
What does this mean?
The short answer is that it means whatever we want it to mean. In an effort to hear some of the 'group will', I am posting this so you can comment. Tell us what you'd like to see happen with ZE. The choices are wide open, the path can be anything. It really is up to group will. As ZE's 'continuing officer', I will listen carefully to all comments. You can send me comment via Notecards inworld, though posting comments here is best so it's most public. (note: anything resembling trolling or flaming will be removed).
Zindra Expo group can do many things and continue to shape the future of Zindra and Adult SL. Share your thoughts!


  1. I like the idea of the Zindra Maze again. I thought it created a rich environment. I didn't participate in the expo but would be interested in the future.
    It's nice to have a free environment to come up with whatever we want.

  2. Thanks, Niicole. A lot of residents (including artists) have been asking when Art Maze 2012 will be. I think it's a natural idea to do it again. That, and other events, have really brought many new people into the process.

  3. I really enjoy the speed-builds... I met a lot of really neat people and learned a lot from others. As a builder, it is rare that I have an opportunity to play Second Life... building is my passion and it is great to have a fun forum to exercise my skills as well as meet people of similar interests. Keep doing that! :)

  4. great points, Myr....I imagine the relationship between Zindra Expo group and Zindra help Vortex will remain strong and will grow......including many new and exciting programs. The Vortex was born out of community brainstorming and ZE's development efforts. This is a great example of what we have done, and an indicator of what we can do going forward...and keep thinking of new ideas for the Vortex too.......the more resident involvement, the better!