Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ZEXPO 2011 is coming!

ZEXPO 2011 is Second Life's 10-day convention that ceelbrates and promotes Zindra, the adult mainland. This one-of-a-kind show is open to Zindran and non-Zindran participants, and will feature an amazing assortment of enetetainment, education, shopping and play options.
Here are six different 'looks' submitted by SL artists for the show's posters and branding. Which one do you like best? Tell us!
1. Lightning
2. Signature
3. Green X
4. Eyes
5. Star
6. Curtains


  1. I think it would be useful if the poster approaches were named or numbered so that comment could be pointed with more ease at one or another

  2. Having said that ... I favour the eyes

  3. I like the top one; it's hot and edgy.

  4. First one is totally my favorite. The X is too mm X-files. lol

  5. these comments combined with the IMs Ive been getting results (so far) in this result:
    LIGHTNING is winning.......closely followed by EYES.....closely followed by STAR...the others are all tied below that