Sunday, March 27, 2011

ZEXPO 2011: Planning Resumes after Zindra Unzipped Gets Cancelled

Planning has resumed for ZEXPO 2011, Second Life's annual tradeshow and gathering to showcase the adult mainland of Zindra, since it was recently announced that the Zindra Alliance's own 'Zindra Unzipped' event was being cancelled on ZEXPO Island. The Island is used for large seasonal events that impact the publicity of Zindra, and the ZEXPO is the 'flagship' event for this region.
Here is the exact proposal for ZEXPO 2011, which technically, was already approved but yielded to the 'Unzipped' plan, though that gesture has proven wasteful as Zindra Alliance proved unwilling or unable to fulfill their event agreement. Here's to an amazing ZEXPO 2011!

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