Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Four Corners Of Zindra: a new direction to help the adult continent of Second Life

The Four Corners Of Zindra proposal outlines has been approved as a guiding plan to create a growth-oriented foundation for more usability for residents, visitors and new arrivals to Zindra, Second Life's adult continent. The 'Four Corners' are:
1. Zindra Quick Start: a first point of entry for many new arrivals, with age verify and Zindra information
2. Zindra Help Vortex: sandbox, mentors and more. A very dynamic one-stop help center.
3. ZEXPO Island: home of our large seasonal events, designed to expand outreach and build PR
4. Zindra Promenade: for 'smaller' events and exhibitions, designed to nurture relationships within and outside of Zindra

I encourage everyone to read the full Four Corners Of Zindra proposal to understand this overall direction. This is certainly not everything that can be done, but it's a basic foundation. I expect that each of the 4 areas will be slowly developed in the following months to become a solid system that brings new people to Zindra and encourages them to stay and invest in the future!

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